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Report an Issue with Verifying your Facebook Account

Sometimes one might encounter an Issue related to Facebook. It’s better to report to the Facebook team, and they could come up with a probable resolution. Today, at DigitalGyan, we will talk about reporting common issues to Facebook.

Numerous methods exist for contacting Facebook. Here is a collection of all the useful (and readily available) contact information for Facebook customer support, customer service, and technical support, including the Facebook help team.

How to Report something to Facebook?

When something isn’t functioning properly or if there is a Bug, one can report it to the Facebook team, which could help developers to locate and fix issues. Giving specifics (such as including a screenshot and description) aids in the problem’s discovery.

report an issue with verifying your facebook account

Facebook App can be improved by reporting problems as they arise; thus, they value the time you spend providing this information.

Use a PC or Laptop, and sign in to Facebook. On Facebook, click your profile image in the upper right corner.

Choose Help & support, then choose Report a problem and adhere to the prompts on the screen. You can check how Facebook works on data to fix the problems, which have been reported.

When attempting to contact Facebook through email or a contact form, be as specific as possible when describing your issue, including your account’s email address and any relevant links.

Verify that Facebook won’t require more than one email to respond to your query.

I haven’t received OTP from Facebook for logging in. How to report it?

You should try unblocking your contacts to resolve Facebook two-factor authentication not received. If unblocking your contacts does not resolve the issue, you must report a problem with Facebook mobile SMS and account verification.

Filling out the “Report an issue with validating your account” and “Report an issue with Facebook mobile SMS” forms will allow you to do this.

Following form submission, you must wait a few days for Facebook to respond. Your message will be answered by Facebook via the email address you’ve given.

reporting an issue to facebook


Your Facebook account is secured with a technology called two-factor authentication, or 2-factor authentication. By navigating to your security and login settings, you can enable it.

If you enabled it, a code must be entered each time a user tries to log into your account using a different device. If someone tries to log into your account using a different device, you’ll also be notified.

The Facebook two-factor authentication token, however, is not always received. If so, you should try the solutions listed above to resolve the problem. Also, you can recover your disabled Facebook Account.

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