Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti driver fixes BSOD (Blue Screen) Problems

Since the release of Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, a new driver is ready to download, which you must know about it. If you haven’t a graphic card, still this might fix some major of the Blue Screen problems.

It may sound strange that without a graphic card, a drive may fix bugs and various issues. But it’s true, a driver usually makes a new GPU work together with a PC, and it also contains various patches that might fix some of the annoying issues that your Graphic Card might be facing.

blue screen problem

A major issue like BSOD (Blue-Screen) errors, can be fixed through this latest graphics driver update. These issues mostly arise with Graphic Card’s older version, which might be buggy or gets corrupted sometimes.

There might be four core issues that can be fixed this time. Ampere Graphics Cards could cause a blue-screen error, which waking up from sleep. Sometime, a User might get blue screen when browsing videos in Chrome, and display corruption in Lenovo Legion Y740 after waking from sleep.

Nvidia graphics card

The first solution is to head to the Nvidia driver Download page or download new Driver through GeForce Experience. By downloading and installing this software, you are installing various patches and updates that are critical for fixing some bugs.

Another fix to this might be upgrading your graphic card. It’s generally advice to upgrade with latest graphic driver in market still it might become difficult to afford. Hence, the choice depends upon the user itself.

Trying with software updates can really save time and money. Hence one should go with it first.

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