Is Technology Good or Bad for us? Critical Analysis

Technology is boundless innovation. It has brought forward amazing things to us. However, there are certain drawbacks to technology as well.

We rely more and more on technological devices in our daily lives. It’s facilitating the satisfaction of fundamental necessities, with a plethora of desired items conveniently accessible from any internet-enabled gadget. Technology has advanced rapidly and will continue to advance in the future. How technology is evolving is fascinating to see. Technology’s impact on our routines is one of the fascinating aspects of this transformation. Through the advancement of technology, the world has shrunk in many ways, and we can now communicate with a wide variety of people.

Technology is a part of our everyday life, and so is our society’s use of it. One way in which technology has facilitated communication is through the usage of text messages sent and received via mobile devices. They allow us to communicate via phone calls and voicemails. Besides sending photographs and videos, we can utilise them for GPS navigation. Taking images with our phones and uploading them to our accounts is another option. Mobile phones allow us to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. Many possibilities exist for making use of our mobile devices that we have not considered. Many of the tools we use in our daily lives have been made easier to operate thanks to the widespread availability of various devices.

If considering the positive points are related to the technologies in communication, camera, cellphones, microwaves, and medical Technology. In contrast, Negative points are related to the End of the world, Can be out of control, destruction, and have an adverse effect on child education and communication.

is technology good or bad

Impacts of Technology on Daily Lives


It’s easy to forget that one of the primary motivations behind the development of technology was to improve human interaction and communication. We had to rely on snail mail and the occasional handwritten letter to get our messages across before the advent of the internet, mobile phones, and other electronic means of communication. It could take weeks, months, or even years for your letters to arrive at their destination if you live on opposite sides of the globe. It was all different before the internet. No matter where you are in the world, you can now easily communicate with the click of a button.

Medical Technology

Advanced machines, high capable medicine, and scientific technologies have enabled us to cure deadly diseases like Chemotherapy that helps cure cancer. Medicines help make the immune system more robust and faster recovery; all this is due to advancements in Medical Technology.

Some of the harmful effects of technologies are:

Sleep Problems

According to a report from National Sleep Foundation, 90 per cent of people uses smartphones before going to bed, which causes a physiologically lousy effect on health. A study shows that exposure to blue light before going to sleep suppresses melatonin and interrupts the circadian clock, making less alert in the morning.

Eye Strain

Using computers, smartphones, and tablets can cause digital eye strain issues related to blurred vision, headaches, dry eye and s, neck and shoulder pain. It can also result in improper viewing distance.

Emotional Problems

A recent study shows that more than 1,700 people between 19 and 32 pages, who use social media more frequently, were more isolated as compared to others. It also leads to depression problems.

People can experience bullying on the internet. Negative comments, trolling, and cyberbullying are the three main components that can cause cyberbullying. It has been said that millions of people have been affected by cyberbullying.


Technology is overstimulating individuals who, often results in a state of over-stimulation. It also reduces the sense of personal interaction and decreases the chances of one getting the personal touch. The individual spends more time than necessary on technology devices and loses time they could spend on other equally important activities.

Increased stress

To save the time that one gets in the company of technology and make use of it while travelling, it is becoming the norm for people to stay connected online. This results in the feeling of increased stress and anxiety. When the stress level is high, there is a possibility that the individual is not able to concentrate on what is going on around them.

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