FlexClip review: elegant, full of features, and easy to use

FlexClip is an easy-to-use, cloud-based video editing tool. It focuses on beginners but is so full of useful features and content that more experienced video makers should also be able to use it.

Cloud video editing software is perfect for people who don’t feel like installing and using heavy, complicated video editing software.

FlexClip is ideal if you want to put together online manuals, trailers, holiday videos, YouTube vlogs, or hobby videos in a simple way. The tool is packed with templates, stock video, and photo material has a super easy-to-use editor, and loads quickly in your browser.

You can use FlexClip for free, but their package is limited—more of a seasoning for the paid packages.
This FlexClip review tells you everything you need to know about this video editing software.

FlexClip video editor

FlexClip’s video editing interface stays on the beaten track. At the bottom of your screen, you will see the components that make up your video. You can easily trim, split, duplicate, or delete video clips here. You can also place a soundtrack under your video – you can upload it yourself or choose one of FlexClip’s stock audio files.

If you are familiar with video editing software, you will find FlexClip extremely easy to use. But even as a beginner, it will take a little time before you combine videos with FlexClip like a pro.

Add video and audio clips

You add audio and video clips to FlexClip in two ways:
• You can upload them from your computer (or cloud storage)
• You can generate them directly from FlexClip
This second way works as follows. You can record directly from your webcam, record your screen – or combine the two. This last way allows you to paste your webcam recording onto your screen recording, and you can choose the size and position of this recording. While doing this, you can also record sound through your microphone. And if you use Chrome on Windows, audio from your system itself too.
This functionality is straightforward to use. But what I found annoying is that the recording quality leaves something to be desired. It’s okay for a video for internal use, but for a YouTube channel, the quality is too blurry. You can expect this since FlexClip lives in your browser, but for now, I will use the built-in tools of my MacBook for screen recordings (and webcam recordings), after which I will upload them in FlexClip.

Watermarks, transitions and other elements

With FlexClip, you can easily add a watermark to your video (and set the transparency, size, and position), place elements such as text or arrows, and place (animated) overlays on your video images (for example, text or the logo of your company).

Export video and upload directly to social media

After you have completed your video, you can download it to your computer or upload it directly to your social media. Depending on your chosen package, you can export it in 480p, 720p, and 1080p. In addition, you can also export your video as a GIF.

Templates and stock material

You can assemble a video from scratch. But if you want to make the creation process faster, you can also choose one of the countless templates FlexClip offers.

These templates are classified as follows:
• Personal (e.g., birthdays and weddings)
• Business & services (e.g., bakery and gym)
• Creative (e.g., movie trailer and meme)
• Social media (e.g. Instagram and YouTube)
• Community (e.g., school introduction and religion)

I am not exaggerating when I say that an absurd amount of excellent templates are available.
You choose a template and can immediately add your data (text and images). Within a minute or two, you have perfect intro and transition moments ready for your video.

In addition, FlexClip offers access to a wealth of stock materials. Both video, photos and sound. This material is divided into finance, weddings, nature, sports, and film categories. It’s very convenient to access this directly from the app itself, and it feels great to add it to your video with a single click.

When you have to walk around FlexClip with a wide berth

FlexClip focuses on beginners and non-professional video editors. Have you been tried and tested in the teachings of video editing for years? Then FlexClip will be too limited for you in terms of functionality.
Also, don’t choose FlexClip if you dislike subscription services – the costs of FlexClip can add up over time.
Finally: if you’re into the domain of long videos (30+ minutes), then FlexClip, unfortunately, won’t get you anywhere. Their most expensive package only lets you export videos up to 30 minutes.

Costs and Packages

FlexClip has a free package and 3 paid packages:
• Basic ($5.99 per month when you pay annually)
• Plus ($9.99 per month when you pay annually)
• Business ($19.99 per month when paid annually)

The free package is limited. The best video quality you can export is 480p; your videos can be as short as a minute. That makes it only suitable for short social media fragments. Also, it only allows you to manage 12 projects simultaneously, and FlexClip will watermark your videos.
It’s handy that the package is there because you can at least try out the functionality of FlexClip in an accessible way.
But if you want to put together movies meaningfully, you must choose one of the paid packages.
The situation improves considerably with the basic plan. Your videos can now be up to 3 minutes long, and you can also export your videos at 720p and save as many video projects as you want.
But here’s something that kicked my ass: the Business package (i.e., the most luxurious package) lets you export videos in just 30 minutes. So that disqualifies FlexClip when making long, comprehensive manuals or video podcasts. This is a missed opportunity, and I hope this limit will be raised one day because then you will have a killer application.

FlexClip benefits

• Very easy to use
• More than plenty of tools and features
• Make webcam and screen recordings directly from the app
• Free to try
• Beautiful templates
• Lots of stock videos, photos, and audio
FlexClip cons
• Webcam and screen recordings from the app are somewhat blurry
• The free package is minimal
• Maximum video length is limited


I did not know what to expect from FlexClip, and the tool surprised me positively. We’ve been toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel for Start24 here for a while, and it looks like FlexClip will be the software we’ll be using – at least for videos under 30 minutes in length. It’s easy to use, offers templates, stock video and audio material, and lives in the cloud.

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