8 Tips to Make Your Computer Run Fast

Over time, due to many reasons, your PC or laptop can become extremely slow. You might be looking for ways to make your computer run fast.

The question is not new. But no one can answer it without a proper way to define “fast.”

What Does Mean “Fast”?

There are too many things to be defined as “fast”, and “slow” for instance. However, I guess that the word “fast” comes close to the word “quick”.

First of all, if you have a PC, you should try the best way to increase the RAM to be able to make it faster.

What is RAM?

If you know the definition of the word “memory”, then you can understand that the RAM is the memory of your computer. To make your computer or a smart device runs “faster,” you have to increase the amount of RAM.

Now you may wonder why I mentioned a PC. Isn’t a smartphone faster than a PC? Isn’t the RAM size less in a smartphone than in a PC? Isn’t the CPU slower in a smartphone than in a PC? Well, let me try to explain it in a few words.

What is CPU?

CPU is the Central Processing Unit. It is the main processing unit of a computer. It is made to process the operations that are made to run the computer. Each time you touch the “Start” button of your PC, the CPU process it. The CPU will process the data of the RAM to make the PC work.

A PC has different CPUs to make it fast and to make it work. The “fastest” CPU is the “Quad-Core.” So, if you have a 4-core CPU, then you can say that your computer is “quicker” than a 2-core CPU.

So how do you increase the RAM?

If you have a RAM size of 2GB or 4GB, you should keep it, as you need the maximum amount of RAM. So, you should try to increase the RAM, but keep the size at least 2GB. If you have less than 4GB of RAM, you should buy the RAM of the minimum size of 4GB.

If you don’t want to change the RAM, but want to make the computer runs faster, what should you do? There are several tricks that you should try.

How to make a computer faster?

1- Free up the hard disk space

The most important thing is the memory, but the “memory” can’t work if the “memory” will run to read the data in the hard disk. Your computer will work slower if you leave the hard disk with free space. That’s why, when you’re about to make your computer run faster, the first step is to free up the hard disk space, if you have more space than you need. There are many applications that help you to free up the hard disk space. In Windows OS, it is the “Disk Cleanup.”

2- Make it run “lean”

Most of the programs make a lot of noise when they are running. Some of them are always “working” when you’re using the computer. A slow computer will make you feel stressed and tired. It makes you feel “out of the game.”

If you have “more RAM” than the “work-load” that you have, you have to get rid of those programs that are just consuming the RAM and the CPU. For instance, if you have 4GB of RAM, don’t download a 4GB-size program if you have 2GB of RAM. If you have 2GB of RAM, don’t download a 2GB-size program.

And if you’re trying to make your computer run faster, then you have to avoid programs that run in the background. The task manager in Windows will tell you if a program is running in the background. If you’re trying to make your computer run faster, you have to try to avoid programs that consume RAM, CPU, and battery.

3- Update your software

Nowadays, there are many software that are updated frequently to give you a better and faster experience. If you want to make your computer run faster, you have to try to update the software regularly. If you have installed your software in “default” mode, then you have to update them with the help of the auto-updater.

4- Clean your PC

Cleaning your PC is the last step that you should try to make your computer run faster. There are applications that will help you to clean the hard disk, the RAM, the CPU, and your PC. For instance, you can use the “Disk Cleanup” in Windows. You can also try the “CCleaner.”

5- Update your drivers

Now that your PC is running well, you should update the drivers. A driver is software that will make the functions of the hardware to run on your PC. You should update the drivers on a regular basis. If your PC is about to get slower, then you should update the drivers to the latest ones.

6- Use an anti-virus

You should use anti-virus in case your PC is hacked or infected with any virus or malware. If you have a smart device, you have to make sure that it has the same software as your PC. So, you should make it as an “external” one.

7- Get rid of the bloatware

“Bloatware” is the software that comes with the computer. A good computer will not have a lot of bloatware. Bloatware will use too much RAM and CPU. If you want to make your computer run faster, you should try to get rid of bloatware. Most of the bloatware is useless software.

8- Take care of your RAM

You have to try to make sure that your computer has the right amount of RAM. If you have 8GB RAM, you have to be careful that you don’t overload the RAM with the programs and the files. The programs and the files take too much space in the RAM. If you don’t care that your RAM is filled with a program or with a file, then you’re the one that will make your PC run slow.


In conclusion, there are several ways that you can make your computer run faster. Some methods are more effective than others, but all of them will help to some degree. By following the tips in this article, you can make your computer run like new again in just a few minutes.

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