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7 Instagram Alternatives for Smartphone Photographers

There was a time when Instagram was hailed as a photo-sharing application. But gradually, it introduced a lot of features, making it more than a picture sharing platform.

While for most users these features are great and they have nothing to complain about, especially when the platform is helping them gain followers, like, money and what not.

However, not all people are fan of such innovations especially when Instagram has become more like TikTok. The app seems to lost its original value and non-video community seems to have lost on Instagram. People hardly get any views and interaction on their photos and artwork.

This is prompting them to find Instagram alternatives. Thankfully, there are several great alternatives to Instagram. And we’ve compiled a list of them to save you from having to go searching.

1. Dayflash

Are you tired of Instagram’s square format for photos? Dayflash is an Instagram alternative with an emphasis on an immersive, full-screen experience.

Dayflash registration is free. Open a profile and start broadcasting the full-screen images you take. The built-in camera produces all pictures with high-resolution quality at 1080p. They do not, however, automatically save to your device in order to lessen clutter. Your device’s screen is entirely taken up by the viewfinder. This format produces images that are even more visually appealing and far more realistic than squares.

Dayflash allows you to upload pictures from your camera roll or photo library. This guarantees that you’ll never miss a chance to share. These images were taken in their native resolutions, but Dayflash’s full-screen focus caused them to be slightly zoomed in.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing app developed by Google that offers advanced editing tools and filters. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to make complex adjustments with ease. Snapseed’s editing tools include a variety of presets and filters, as well as more advanced adjustments like selective adjustments and perspective correction.

One of the unique features of Snapseed is its ability to save and share editing “recipes,” allowing you to quickly apply your favorite edits to multiple photos. Snapseed also includes a variety of social sharing options, allowing you to share your photos on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

3. EyeEm

A photo-sharing website called EyeEm also provides cutting-edge editing tools. It has a community of enthusiasts and photographers who can communicate with one another through comments and likes. Through EyeEm’s marketplace, you can also sell your photos, potentially generating income for your photography.

The editing features offered by EyeEm include numerous presets and filters in addition to more sophisticated adjustments like exposure, contrast, and colour temperature. Additionally using AI, EyeEm suggests tags and keywords for your photos, enhancing their discoverability to other users and potential customers.

4. 500px

500 px features a community of photographers and enthusiasts who can interact with each other through comments and likes. 500px also allows you to sell your photos through its marketplace, providing a potential revenue stream for your photography.

500px’s editing tools include a variety of presets and filters, as well as more advanced adjustments like exposure, contrast, and color temperature. 500px also uses an algorithm to curate content, showcasing the best photos from its community on its home page.

5. Retrica

If you like Instagram selfies, then Retrica will up your game. The focus of Retrica is primarily on selfies and the freedom to express yourself through them.

Retrica provides users with a huge arsenal of fun filters that focus on your beauty, so you don’t have to spend time editing them to perfection. And if you can’t decide which selfie looks best, a built-in collage maker lets you add multiple images and share them with the community. Or you can use Retrica like a retro photo booth.

There’s also support for live video, and you can turn collages and videos into GIFs. Because GIFs are more fun, right? And if you’re inclined, you can add stickers from hundreds of options, just like Instagram Stories or Snapchat. And if that’s not enough, you can doodle and put stamps on your images too.

Once you’ve perfected the selfie of the day, share it with the community or on your favourite social networks. Retrica’s populace is also generous, so it’s a great way to make new and interesting friends.

Download: Retrica on iOS and Android (Free)


VSCO is a social media-integrated photo and video editing app. It provides a large selection of editing tools, such as filters, sophisticated adjustments, and different presets. Additionally, VSCO has a Discover section where you can browse user-curated content to find new photographers and aesthetics.

The use of Film X presets by VSCO, which imitate the appearance of well-known film stocks, is one of the app’s distinctive features. Your photos can be given a unique look and feel with the help of these presets, differentiating them from more conventional digital images. Additionally, VSCO provides a subscription service called VSCO X, which gives users access to premium presets and other sophisticated features.

7. Flickr

Flickr is a well-established photo-sharing platform that has been around since 2004. It offers a wide range of features, including advanced editing tools, photo management and organization, and a large community of users. Flickr also allows you to upload photos in their original resolution, making it a good option for photographers who want to showcase their work in high quality.

Flickr’s community features include groups and discussions, allowing you to connect with other photographers and enthusiasts who share your interests. Flickr also offers a premium subscription service, Flickr Pro, that includes unlimited storage, ad-free browsing, and advanced statistics.

Show Off Your Smartphone Photography!

Seeing how popular smartphones are these days, the chances are you’ve acquired a lot of photographs on your device. You’ll want to share these with others and even find inspiration from other photographers. While Instagram is trendy, it’s not the only place for your photos. We’ve just covered some of the better alternatives out there.

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