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Zoom is going to expand its services beyond videoconferencing with Email and Calendar Services

Zoom is soon going to give a tough competition to Google and Microsoft, in terms of services like email and calendar. Till now, for videoconferencing, zoom provided excellent service.

Reportedly, the Zoom email service may be web-based and could be available for trials as early as next year. The calendar service of the organization, meanwhile, is allegedly far further along, with no timeline added to the project.

Both offerings are likely to provide close integration with the Zoom video conferencing software, which, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, put the business on the map this year. Offering a complete suite of applications for productivity could make Zoom more competitive in a market dominated by Google and Microsoft. It’s a good decision on the part of Zoom, too.


Companies will request workers to report to the office in 2021, with the sluggish delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations, which may make the use of Zoom’s video conferencing app declining. When individuals were forced to work from home,Zoom enjoyed a rapid rise increase in 2020.

Once yet another video conferencing tool, it is also one of the world’s most used services, enabling individuals to communicate with friends, families, and peers on video. The service has only gotten better over the past few months, pushing out end-to-end encryption and support for gadgets such as the Google Nest Hub Max.

There are a dime and a dozen email and calendar providers, but Zoom still has a huge business reach. If the business is willing to launch new offerings similar to what Google and Microsoft offer, then 2021 would be quite exciting.

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