YouTube provides features to help parents track what their kids are watching

In order to help parents monitor what their kids watch on YouTube, YouTube is adding a new update. This role is meant for those children who, when they have grown up, will no longer find the YouTube Kids app fascinating but are not adults enough to enjoy the full content library of YouTube.

YouTube, as a website, requires a minimum age of 13 for someone to access it. The company promotes the use of YouTube Kids for people below that age, which is a dedicated app designed with easy personalized content for children.


In its latest announcement, YouTube said it will offer new assistance for parents in the coming months to enable their children to access YouTube without supervision. Parents will be given three different content settings on YouTube to choose from, these are:

ExploreFor kids prepared to move away from YouTube Kids and discover content on YouTube, this environment would be appropriate.
It is ideal for audiences aged 9 and over, as under this option, parents will be able to find vlogs, tutorials, sports, music clips, news, educational content and more, according to YouTube.
Explore MoreThis setting will come with a wider video range which will be sufficient for children over the age of 13.
This setting will also allow children to access live streams.
Most of YouTubeAs the name suggests, this setting would allow users, except for age-restricted content, to view almost all videos on YouTube.
It also contains delicate issues that could only be ideal for older teenagers.

YouTube claims this support was meant for parents who feel their kids are equipped to enter the enormous world of YouTube content.

“To decide the videos are included, we will use a combination of user feedback, machine learning and human analysis,” YouTube said in a blog post.

youtube for kids

Parents will now be able to monitor watch and search history from within their child’s account settings, in addition to determining the content settings for their children.

Another interesting thing that YouTube will be rolling out is that in “certain categories” it will not show personalized advertising. “We will also disable in-app transactions at launch, as well as functionality for formation and feedback,” YouTube said.

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