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You will Lose Access to these Functions if WhatsApp’s Privacy Terms Not Accepted

Until you approve the changes, WhatsApp will have reduced availability, but this will not affect all users at the same time. WhatsApp also stated that once users approve the forthcoming privacy policy, they will lose access to certain key features.

Users will not lose their accounts or have their functionalities on the website curtailed automatically on May 15, but they will finally have to follow the current norms if they do not accept them in a timely manner.

“We’ve been displaying a message in WhatsApp for the last few weeks with more detail about the upgrade. We’re continuing to remind those who haven’t had the chance to check and approve since allowing others time to do so. The reminder people get will finally become permanent after a span of several weeks,” according to a WhatsApp FAQs list.

You’ll have restricted WhatsApp features until you approve the updates at that stage. It was also mentioned that this would not apply to all users at the same time.


Here are the major functions you will not be able to access on your WhatsApp :

  • You won’t be able to browse your chat history, but you will be able to respond to incoming phone and video calls.
  • You may press on reminders to read or respond to messages or to return a missing phone or video call if you have them turned on.
  • You won’t be able to accept incoming calls or updates after a few weeks of reduced functionality, and WhatsApp will cease delivering messages and calls to your account.
  • On Android or iPhone, you can download a report of your account and export your chat history. You have to import a report of your account and export your chats to your own.
  • If you refuse to approve the upgrade, WhatsApp will not uninstall your account.

“Keep in mind that our current policy for inactive users would operate separately. We encourage you to rethink deleting your account on Android, iPhone, or KaiOS. We can’t undo the deletion of your account since it deletes your contact history, excludes you from any of your WhatsApp classes, and deletes your WhatsApp backups,” WhatsApp stated.

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