Wordle 456 Answers and Hints | 18 September 2022

Wordle is a web-based game that requires very little skill to participate in. In recent years, it has seen a rise in popularity, and it has now established itself as a habit for millions of individuals all over the world.

You have arrived at the correct location if you were searching for hints and the solution to today’s Wordle puzzle.

The players are given a new word to guess each day, and they have a total of six chances to make their guess. The word game is accessible through the browsers of desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile devices. Josh Wardle, a Welsh software engineer, is responsible for creating and developing the game. The New York Times Company currently owns the game. The rules are easy to understand and follow.

Hints for Wordle 456 Answer

The Wordle today is a noun. The Wordle answer today has only one vowel. It begins with a consonant and ends with a consonant.

Today’s Wordle mostly refers to a thin piece of wood that has fallen or been cut off by a tree.
It can also mean a threat of punishment or unwelcome measures (often contrasted with the offer of reward as a means of persuasion).

In reference to the world of stock markets, it is a large quantity of unsold stock, especially the proportion of shares that underwriters must take up after an unsuccessful issue.

Origin of the word – Old English sticca ‘peg, , spoon’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch stek ‘cutting from a plant’ and German Stecken ‘staff, ’.

Wordle Answer Today for 18 September 2022 (Wordle 456)

The solution to Wordle for today is a little less challenging than those from recent days. There are no repeated letters and only two vowels in this word. It is used to describe a channel or slide that slopes downward and is utilised to transport objects to a lower level. STICK is the correct answer to the Wordle puzzle for today (puzzle 456 on September 18).

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