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Windows Hosting versus Linux Hosting – Which is right for you?

There are tens of thousands of web hosting providers available. Numerous businesses provide both Windows and Linux hosting services. Windows plans are often more expensive due to the licencing fees imposed by Microsoft.

Knowing this, how can you determine when you require Windows hosting and when Linux hosting will suffice or be superior? Continue reading to learn more.

Windows operating systems are installed on around 95% of all personal computers worldwide. With such complete domination, Microsoft Windows is the first choice for the majority of new web hosting customers.

However, in the webserver world, Windows-based servers account for fewer than 20% of all websites on the internet. This is according to securityspace.com’s most recent web server study. By opting for a Linux hosting service, you’ll be in good company.

When do you have to use Windows Hosting?

  • On Linux platforms, .NET technologies, including ASP.net, are not available. If your website was developed using Microsoft.NET technology, you must select a Windows hosting package. Indeed, if you want ASP without.NET capabilities, the majority of Linux hosting options do not provide it.
  • Access Databases are accessible exclusively in conjunction with a Windows hosting package. Access is a Microsoft Windows application that cannot be executed on a Linux environment.
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) is an enterprise-class database. There are several Linux-based options for enterprise-class databases, but if you require Microsoft’s MSSQL database, you’ll have to go with a Windows hosting package.

What is the advantage of choosing Linux Hosting?

  • Linux-based servers come pre-installed with all the key services you’ll need to host an enterprise-level website. Some of the most heavily trafficked websites on the internet run on a combination of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • In general, Linux servers are far quicker than Windows servers when it comes to executing PHP. However, unless your PHP scripts are under a great deal of strain, you will not notice any difference in performance.
  • Linux hosting plans are, on average, around 20% less expensive than Windows hosting services. Linux hosting is an excellent option if you don’t want any of the previously listed capabilities.
  • Windows hosting plans are typically your best choice for Microsoft-specific technology. Other than that, Linux hosting plans typically perform admirably. In most cases, Linux hosting is the most cost-effective option because of the savings you’ll see.
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