When can we expect Coronavirus vaccine to be ready?

Coronavirus has created havoc all around the world. Almost every country is now locked down because of this deadly virus; things are getting worse every day. New cases of Coronavirus are reported from every corner of the globe. What initially started from Wuhan, China has now spread all around.

The worst thing about this pandemic is, its beyond control spread and there are no vaccines yet in the market. Top pharmaceutical companies from different places are working day and night to come up with a feasible solution. Human trials will start very fast, but there are many barriers before immunization.

Doctors and companies working for Coronavirus vaccine

Global Emergency

The World Health Organization has declared Coronavirus as a pandemic, following which all eyes are now on scientists or research groups for a prospect vaccine. It’s only a vaccine which can control people from getting affected. As per reports around 35 companies and institutions are working to create a feasible vaccine, four of which are believed to have started testing on animals. Research groups from across the globe are growing the live virus and studying its nature, like how it invades and make people sick.

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How do vaccines work?

All vaccines work based on a basic principle. Vaccine presents all necessary pathogen to human immunity system, mostly in the form of low dose injection. The dose then prompts the human system to produce antibodies to a pathogen. Both traditional and newer technologies are used by researchers to come up with the right vaccine. Moreover, vaccine trails are the most time-consuming process where several regulatory approvals are necessary. Most of these trails take place in three different phases over a span of time. 

  • The first trail is done on a few dozen volunteers who are healthy. The vaccine is tested for safety and checking adverse effects.
  • The second trial involves a few hundred people, mostly in different parts of the world affected by the virus. This will confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine.
  • The third trial is similar to that of the second, but here it is tested on several thousands of people for better understanding.

Coming up with vaccines typically takes years, reason why President Trump looked unconfident when he pressed for Coronavirus vaccine to be ready by this November, before US elections. An impossible deadline for sure!

Most vaccinologists around the world assume Coronavirus vaccine will not be ready anytime before 18 to 24 months. Now that’s a long time, and the way this pandemic is spreading things are looking very distressful now. In the meantime, there are many other potential problems even if the vaccine is available. Once the vaccine is approved, there will be a huge demand. Considering the widespread of the virus, no organization have the necessary production capacity in such a short time. And also vaccine development is a risky affair, from a business perspective.

The debate is on, but it will be a whole before things start falling into place. As of now, the best hope is to contain the disease as much as possible. Stay safe and follow all the necessary precautions.

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