WhatsApp will be Banned in India if the Privacy Policy is not Changed

WhatsApp has previously announced that the implementation of its contentious new privacy policy will be postponed until May 15th. In the wake of extensive policy changes suggested by WhatsApp, the Union Government has written to the company, requesting that it remove its revised Privacy Policy.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology voiced worries in a letter to WhatsApp about the company’s desire to push for a privacy policy and the repercussions for Indian users.WhatsApp has previously announced that the implementation of its contentious new privacy policy will be postponed until May 15th.

The Government of India, on the other hand, stated that delaying the decision does not free WhatsApp of its responsibility to follow the ideals of informational privacy, data security, and user choice for Indian users.
In a message issued to WhatsApp yesterday (18 May 2021), the Ministry once again advised the company to remove its Privacy Policy 2021, claiming that the modifications to the policy, as well as the way in which they were introduced, particularly in the FAQ, jeopardize Indian consumers’ sacred principles of informational privacy, data security, and user choice, and impair people’s rights and interests.

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In the Delhi High Court, where this case is pending, the Ministry has maintained the same stance. Taking up the topic of Indian users being treated differently from European users, the Ministry went on to say, “As you are certainly aware, many Indian individuals rely on WhatsApp to interact in everyday life.” WhatsApp’s exploitation of this position to impose unreasonable terms and conditions on Indian users, particularly those that discriminate against Indian users in comparison to users in Europe, is not just troublesome, but also irresponsible.”

The organization’s statement focuses on WhatsApp’s revised Privacy Policy, which the group claims violates various Indian laws and regulations. The Indian government would investigate different alternatives open to it under Indian legislation in order to fulfil its sovereign obligation to safeguard the rights and interests of Indian citizens. The government has given WhatsApp seven days to reply to his notification, after which the government would take legal action if no adequate response is made.

WhatsApp has previously said that it will share user data with other Facebook firms as part of its new privacy policy. This prompted some WhatsApp users to assume that WhatsApp would suddenly be able to read their private chats and would share their personal information with Facebook.

If the new policy is not approved, Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook, has set February 8th as the deadline for the programme to stop running on devices and accounts to be suspended. As a result, many individuals began to migrate to other applications such as Signal and Telegram in search of a replacement. Following the reaction, the social media behemoth postponed the rollout of its Privacy Policy until May 15.

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