Whatsapp is launching ‘mute video’ feature. Know these features

A new feature is being tested by WhatsApp to allow users to silence videos before submitting them. On WhatsApp for Android Beta v2.21.3.13, the production, dubbed as Mute images, was found.

In particular, the sister platform of Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Instagram, already provides the functionality for users to post videos with muted audio through Direct Messages (DM). Until mass release, WhatsApp will first broaden the beta build functionality for iOS.

The functionality is available for use by beta users of WhatsApp for Android, according to WABetaInfo. By tapping the volume toggle, users can silence images, accessible in the segment where users normally edit the file. The rest of the options remain the same for the emote, email, and edit options.

whatsapp beta update

It is good to have more choices when sending files to other users, but it is not a major improvement. The Mute Video function first appeared in Beta v2.20.207.2 of the WhatsApp for Android app, but at the time it was still under development. Many specifics are expected shortly on its rollout.

Meanwhile, following the introduction of new policy terms for the app, the messaging platform has been engulfed in controversy. As per the new guidelines, to have more targeted advertising on other Facebook-owned sites, Facebook can collect and exchange meta-data (course location, profile name, and so on).

WhatsApp, though, ensures the organisation that no chats or confidential communications are accessed. Privacy advocates have blasted the Facebook-owned site, even in India, for having only a unilateral option, that is, taking it or leaving it. India’s government has already reached out to Facebook to urge them to amend the current laws.

whatsapp beta update

The Delhi High court, on the other hand, said that the current guidelines for WhatsApp are optional, and users should say no if they do not agree with them when they heard a petition last month.

The revised privacy policy for WhatsApp was expected to come into effect in February, but was delayed until May.

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