WhatsApp banned 3 Million Accounts in India

WhatsApp banned

According to WhatsApp’s most recent User Safety Monthly Report, the instant messaging network blocked over three million accounts in June and July of this year. The accounts were blocked in the aim of avoiding online abuse and ensuring a safe and spam-free user experience, according to WhatsApp.

To avoid harmful behaviour on the site, the WhatsApp team disables accounts based on user complaints, emails received from the India Grievance Officer, and its own automated technologies. During the time period covered by the report, users and the India Grievance Officer filed a total of 316 ban appeals, with 73 accounts being banned. WhatsApp claims to identify and prevent online abuse on its services using its own automated technologies.

In order to comply with the new IT Rules 2021, the newest WhatsApp User Safety Monthly Report has been issued. During the 46-day period between June 16 and July 31, this year, WhatsApp took steps based on complaints and its own abuse prevention mechanisms, according to the study. During the time period in question, WhatsApp claims to have blocked 3.027 million Indian accounts.

Only 73 bans were imposed as a result of user complaints and posts from the India Grievance Officer, while the remainder were discovered using WhatsApp’s own tools and resources to prevent harmful behavior on the network.

During the 46-day period, 594 complaints from Indian users were received, with 316 of them being ban appeals, according to the study. Furthermore, 137 of the complaints were about account assistance, with the remainder being about safety and product support.

WhatsApp claims that its automatic technologies identify misuse at three points in an account’s life cycle: during registration, messaging, and in response to negative feedback.

According to the instant messaging platform, these technologies are supplemented by a team of analysts that examine edge situations and assist enhance efficacy over time. Users may send an email to wa@support.whatsapp.com or utilize the in-app buttons to report and block suspicious accounts if they have an issue with WhatsApp.

How to fix WhatsApp Banned Account?

If you see an in-app notification indicating that your account has been “temporarily banned,” you’re probably running an unsupported version of WhatsApp rather than the official WhatsApp program. Your account may be permanently banned from accessing WhatsApp if you do not switch to the official app after being temporarily blocked.

whatsapp banned 3 million accounts
WhatsApp banned 3 Million Accounts in India 1

Unsupported applications like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and programs that offer to transfer your WhatsApp conversations between phones are modified versions of WhatsApp. Third-party developers created these unauthorized programs, which are in violation of our Terms of Service. We can’t verify the security procedures of certain third-party apps, therefore WhatsApp doesn’t support them.

Use WhatsApp Official App

Before switching to the official WhatsApp app, you might want to back up your chat history. Whether you need to transfer your chat history depends on the name of the unsupported app you’re using. Tap More Options > Settings > Help > App details to find the app’s name. Depending on the app’s name, follow the instructions below: WhatsApp Plus (also known as GB WhatsApp) is a service that allows you to send and receive

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