What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable Technology are defined as the small electronic devices (with micro-controllers) that are wearables , tech fashion, or for style, etc in nature. For example smart watches, smart glasses, etc. These are worn close to on the surface of the skin. They analyze, detect and transmit information such as body signals like vital signs and pulse rate.

Wearable Technology also consist of activity trackers which are an example of IoT (Internet of Things), such as electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity that enables objects to exchange data through the internet with a manufacturer, operator and other connected devices without involvement of human intervention.

Some of the wearable Technologies that are currently trending in market are :

  1. Fitness Trackers : This wearable technology helps in monitoring the number of steps you take, your average heart rate, how long you sleep, and more. It can be synced with another devices which allows to see trends and patterns in you activity. Some of the most popular brands of fitness trackers are Fitbit, Misfit and Basis.
  2. Smart-watches : These wearable technologies help in viewing notifications easily. If you receive lots of notifications like email, text messages, calls, etc and you don’t like viewing them again and again on phone everyday, then this cool gadget can help you out. These wearable devices can easily sync with your smartphone and can help you to see notification easily on your writs. Some example of the popular smartwatches are Apple Watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear.
  3. Safety Wearables : As the name suggest, these devices are used to help you in situations where you feel threatened or in danger. Today, they are widely used as a alert. They can easily be disguised as jewelry and without letting a potential attacker, these devices can send alert to others, or sound a loud alarm or both. They also have built-in GPS systems, allowing to share your location immediately to your friends and family.

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