What is the progress in Treatment of COVID-19 till now

As the World is suffering from Pandemic Corona Virus, there is a global race in finding a cure from this deadly and highly infectious virus. Many countries are spending their money and time to find a vaccine for it. Some of these countries are focusing on producing medicine that could increase the immunity system of human being, so as to counter-attack the COVID-19, while others are focusing on preparing the vaccine for it.

The global competition is so high that tremendous experiments and trials are being conducted. Even private organizations are also in this race. According to WHO (World Health Organization), more than 100 vaccines are being developed and researched by pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and academic institutions, etc and currently WHO is monitoring 70 of these. Most of them are going under clinical trials. Many experts even about such an early trial with hope for a successful result. This Global race can result in profit for country or organization through vaccines. But first, let’s talk about the progress that some top countries have gained till now.

covid-19 treatment

United States (USA): No doubt, that USA had badly suffered loss from COVID-19 but still it’s making great progress. Recently, this country started Human trail by testing on two candidates. It began in Seattle in March with the vaccine being developed by company Moderna Inc. This was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). By mid-May, this company started larger human trials after it was found safe in earlier testing. Another trial was done in Philadelphia and Kansas City for the second candidate by American Biotech firm Inovio Pharmaceuticals.

Germany: Pfizer, a big Pharmaceutical Company is working along Germany firm BioNTech and Chinese firm Fosun Pharma on a vaccine that could cure the virus. They started their operation in late April after the USA.

India: The Indian companies like Zydus Cadila, Codagenix-Serum Institute of India, along with Indian Immunologicals with Griffith University and Bharat Biotech in association with Thomas Jefferson University, and much other collaboration are working together to find the cure. It has been reported that 30 vaccines have been developed, which are under trials along with Hundred Project are under pre-clinical stages.

A recent report is found that India has developed a COVID-19 drug called CORONIL. This Ayurvedic product had been claimed to cure with 100% possibility, as tweeted by Balakrishna and Ramdev’s associate Acharya Balakrishna. But still, this is begin tested by Government until the results are verified with 100% efficiency and complete report of it.

Italy: Large Test were being carried out at Rome’s Spallanzani Hospital where they have successfully managed to generate antibodies in mice and in the near future, they will start human trails too. The Italian researchers claim to found a potential vaccine that can cure COVID-19. The CEO of Takis, Luigi Aurisicchio stated that their firm has tested their vaccine on COVID-19 candidate and was able to neutralize the virus.

United Kingdom: The scientist at Jenner Institute of Oxford University have developed a vaccine along with multiple partners including the Serum Institute of India. The UK Government had funded 388 million EUR for this work. They have developed Interferon Beta drug, by a Biotech company called Synairgen. They have started conducting trials and are waiting for the result before June. They are working actively on 31 case study for vaccine development.

China:  No doubt that Epicenter of COVID-19 was Wuhan in China, but they are working furiously in developing the vaccine. They started conducting Trials on four candidates. Their firm CanSino Biologics along with Beijing and Wuhan Institutes of Biological Products and medical research arm of the People’s Liberation Army, have taken trials on two candidates and result are on the way.

So, we can say that all major countries are almost close in developing the vaccine for CoronaVirus and in less time these vaccines can finally be approved and agreed by WHO for the cure. Till then, we all need to take precautions and follow WHO guidelines for safety.

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