What is Skyactiv Technology ?

Skyactiv is the brand name developed by Mazda which is the name for a series of Technology. This technology includes new engines, body, transmissions, and chassis, which appeared in Mazda products. The earlier version of Skyactiv features a Mazda Sky-G 2.3 litre direct-injection petrol engine, a Sky-Drive automatic transmission, a Mazda Sky-D 2.2 litre diesel engine.

The revised feature of Skyactiv technology is that it has a suspension geometry, improved automatic and manual transmission and various other features like Mazda’s L-engine like direct injection, high compression ratio for Clean burn of fuel, upgraded exhaust manifold and large thermal efficiency, etc. The previous Chassis in Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 were included in new vehicles also. That’s what makes Mazda Sky Concept.


Unique Technology that makes it great

 You will be surprised to know that Skyactiv-D is the first low compression diesel engine in a production car. It has significantly low compression about 14:1 in it’s first engine as compared to the higher compression engines with rations 16:1 and more higher. If you are a fan of car’s engine, then it have been found that a single cylinder engine with lower compression ratio, emits lesser NOx emission and also reduction in particulate matter and combustion noise.

Some issue like the cold start of the engine was noticeable in such type of engine but Mazda resolved it in Skyactiv-D Technology by using piezoelectric fuel injectors with multiple nozzles which are designed to change the pattern of the engine according to the need of a vehicle.


Early Issues in Skyactiv technology

It has been reported that the Skyactiv-D engines were having oil level rising earlier as expected. The owner has to check the vehicle’s engine oil for every 1000 Kilometers and return to the dealer if the oil is above the level of the dipstick. The Mazda resolved this issue of corrected dipsticks level with procedure initiated by Mazda worldwide.

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