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What is new in WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy and how would it affect you

The revised terms of service and privacy policy of WhatsApp offers further insight into how the chat network can use customer data and, more specifically, share it with Facebook, its parent company, in the future.

Users have to accept these until February 8, 2021 in order to continue using the platform.

Why should one accept this policy?

It is not fresh for WhatsApp to change its terms of service and privacy policies. The bulk of tech providers periodically upgrade their services.

It is common procedure that the customer acknowledges the revised requirements and policy to continue using these facilities. This time, on February 8, 2021, WhatsApp offers a deadline to embrace the new rules or delete your account.

Whatsapp Privacy Agreement

“The details we exchange with other Facebook organizations include information regarding your user registration (such as your telephone number), activity data, service-related information, information about how you communicate with others (including companies) while using our Services, information about your mobile device, your IP address, and can include other information in the Privacy Policy portion. A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “…as part of WhatsApp’s business vision in October 2020, in order to make small businesses better, we are reviewing our terms of service.”

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