What is Competitive Coding?

Is it worth or simply a waste of time?

Competitive Coding

Coding is defined as simply writing instructions that machines, like a computer, can read and perform an action. A Coder (a programmer) write commands that a machine executes merely and act accordingly. This writing command is a High-Level language that humans can understand but a computer cannot.

For example C, C++, Java, Python, etc. These are then executed on a compiler to convert it into Machine Language, a low-level language and the only machine that can understand it. To solve a problem on the computer, we need to do coding for it. And the practice of it is known as programming, like C Programming or C++ Programming.

Now coming to Competitive Coding, it’s a sport where great thinking and analytical skill are required to solve a problem within a given time. Like a cricket or football match, a team play to either win or lose or draw; similarly, Competitive Coding is played either solo or in a team.

It’s not a waste of time; You get to learn many more things. These are Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking, Optimization, Time Constraints, Various Algorithms, etc. The main goal of Competitive Coding is “To prepare a programmer such that his/her logical ability increases and he/she can write code for the challenging situation.”

Being programming, you come to see various challenges and encounter even such problems that no one have ever solved before.

Another reason for doing Competitive Coding is getting a job at Big Tech Giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. If you want to get into these Top Companies, you should start doing Competitive Coding. Every Year, Google does Coding Contest and offer Job and Price to the Top Rankers.

How to start doing Competitive Coding ?

 To become a master in this, just follow these simple steps:

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