What is an ISO file and what are its advantages

ISO file is an archive file of the digital media or the disk which is created by using conventional format taken from ISO 9660 File system. The ISO File format is basically a format for saving digital data by transforming the image submits into this format. This format is used to make copies of CD/ DVD’s which can carry the data, file system file qualities and directory structures as it is. ISO Files are utilized for backing up DVD/CD and producing a reproduction of the very same since these files can convert and bring complete information with bits from the discs.

Generally, when a file is copied from a disc the information is not total as the header info is lost however ISO brings the complete data info including a header on the disk. To put it simply, ISO is exactly similar to the initial information media. These ISO files are complete images which resemble ghost for hard disk. These ISO File formats can be copied in various software recording packages for creating CD/DVDs.

advantages of iso files

Creating ISO File

An ISO File format can be created by using effective software such as Magic ISO which simply converts the file from a command line utility. There is a limitation to convert with this software which restricts the file size to 10 GB. Most of the media and data files come under this capacity.

Magic ISO can burn almost all image files like ISO, BIN, NRG, CIF but is largely used to burn ISO. This software acts as both burner and disk utility software. This software can also edit the ISO Files.

Software Used to convert ISO File

There are various software available on the Internet which helps convert to ISO Files. The following are:

  1. ISO Recorder Power Toy: This is a freeware and is easily available on the net. This utility uses Windows to write images to CD.

2. Easy CD Creator (Roxio): This is not a freeware but is easily available. One can easily create CD from an ISO file Format using this software. For using this software one needs to purchase it from Roxio.

3. Nero – Burning ROM (Ahead Software): This is another paid software which should be purchased from the company. This is also used to convert an ISO file to a CD.

4. CDBurn.exe tool in windows: This utility in windows server 2003 support tools enable the user to burn CD using ISO files.

These softwares can help convert but do not support editable facility. The files to be edited require an editor along with the disk utility and recording software. Magic ISO can be the best option available. It will allow converting, record and editing the files without losing any data information.

Advantages of Using ISO Files

The main benefit of using ISO Files for converting images is that it copies the exact replica of the image file. This copy includes the data and header information which means the complete data file without any loss.

So, the next time you need to convert your media and data files use ISO File Format and convert your data files without losing any information on your disk while creating an exact copy of the image.

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