Top Cybersecurity Trends in the year 2020

In this digital age, many of everyday task and chores are taken care of by smart devices and machines. With passing time, humans are becoming depended on these devices or technologies for all basic tasks. There is no doubt technology is simplifying human efforts and saving time as well as energy. Technology is helping you answer all problems and concerns in a few simple clicks.

Smart gadgets, tools and devices are doing everything on behalf of an ordinary individual. Security cameras with sensors can detect an abnormal event and send you detection alerts instantly on your smart devices. Who would have thought of such innovations a decade ago? These are some fantastic benefits of technology, but hold on there is another side too. All these smart devices have a slight threat to all our lives, which most modern-day individuals overlook often. All these devices have loopholes and vulnerable. All smart devices can be manipulated and hacked.

How to combat?

Thankfully the cyber-security industry is evolving with time. There are both good and bad elements, which are both constant flux. Hackers or scammers are always in the hunt to exploit or discover new loopholes in a system, to counter them there are white hat developers destroying malware. There is a constant war between both taking place, but it is way faster than how it used to be earlier. Hence there is the apparent reason for governments and authorities around the world to be concerned.

Threats Posed by AI

Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role to help cyber-security professionals tackle all threats. But Artificial Intelligence can be used by hackers too, which in turn will be a considerable threat. Hackers can launch an attack on key elements through AI and steal useful information or data.

Malware through Sandbox

Sandbox technology is one of the best options to detect and prevent any system from getting attacked. But there are several malicious elements presently looking for vulnerability and loopholes within it. This will allow the malware to get into your system in place of the sandbox.

Security Issues Related to IoT

IoT is not much of concern when it comes to security, mainly because it is not used to store any user data or information. Even if it gets infected, there is a narrow possibility that you’ll feel threatened because data is encrypted. But there are always risks associated, and damage IoT security breach might cause. Attackers may not select any individual directly but attack the whole system like smart appliances, smart homes, smart cars or anything similar to that.

State-Sponsored Attacks

State-sponsored attacks are the most concerning aspects of cybersecurity, mainly because these are politically motive with less intention to have financial gains. The main aim with these attacks s to acquire intelligence or secret information regarding any entity. For instance: Electronic voting may be attacked, and public opinion can be manipulated.

Therefore, there is a lot to look forward to cybersecurity analysts today. The key here is to stay vigilant and start using cox internet services that will secure you online.

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