TOP 5 Free Sites to Download Full Version Casual Games

Mobile games, according to VentureBeat, are taking over the globe. Is it really a surprise? Nonetheless, PC casual game exists, and people all over the world desire to play the full version and free casual games.

Set aside those sites that need you to join up in order to download a game; those that bombard you with advertisements; those that use the phrase “free complete download” to entice you to acquire a trial version; and those that provide cracked games with possibly deadly viruses within.

Here is a collection of useful websites that discourage such behaviour.

What are Casual Games?

Casual Games are a subset of video games that do not need a significant time commitment to play, win, and enjoy. While a “casual gamer” is someone who likes any video game without devoting substantial time to it and who plays it impulsively, intermittently, or occasionally.

Casual games have a number of unique characteristics. To begin, they are often web-based. Additionally, they are often seen on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as desktop PCs. Additionally, they are often aimed at a broad, mass-market audience. Unlike a “hardcore game.” A game aimed squarely at the niche market of hobbyist or enthusiast gamers. As a result, casual games often have a low learning curve. To do this, the majority of them use just a few controls. They often feature a single or two buttons that control the bulk of the game.

Casual games often have a lower price tag than hardcore games, as part of their effort to attract the largest potential audience. Additionally, any mode of game monetization is permissible, from retail distribution to free-to-play to ad-supported.

In 2017, the terms “hyper-casual game” and “instant game” were used to refer to exceptionally simple-to-learn games. No-download games that are played inside an existing app, such as a web browser or messaging app. Additionally, they often commercialise their services by displaying adverts to the gamer.

Top 5 Casual Games

This casual gaming website allows you to download over 400 free PC games that are neither time-limited or in trial mode, as well as play online and mobile games (yet the selection is not that big with only 8 mobile games available). On, games are classified into categories such as time management, action, cards, hidden object, match 3, ladies games, and shooting.

The portal earns money in general through advertising, which is neither intrusive nor bothersome. The installation procedure is straightforward; simply ignore the request to instal additional software named “PlayFree browser” and you’re done. The game downloads are virus, adware, and spyware-free (scanned by Virustotal). Eventually, you will be free of interruptions from in-game advertisements. For the convenience of users, each game page includes instructions on how to instal and uninstall the game. provides over 1000 free PC and web games that are available in their entirety and without time constraints. Additionally, this portal features a mobile version, which enables you to visit through a mobile device. Apart from that, comprehensive game reviews will be released here on a permanent basis. The advertisements on the portal are a little intrusive, but they are tolerable.

If you don’t want as your default browser homepage or unwanted browser add-ons, uncheck the boxes on the first stage of the installation procedure. There are no viruses, adware, or spyware in the game downloads (scanned by Virustotal).

More than 400 eye-pleasing casual and flash games are available for PC download and online play at ToomkyGames. You may play all the games for as long as you like since they are all full versions with no time restrictions. You may sort the games into 19 different categories to make your search easier.

In addition, new free casual games are added to the library on a regular basis. also has a mobile version, so you can use your mobile device to browse the site and check out various popular mobile games.

Ads on the site are not considered abusive since ToomkyGames generates money from them. Second, you’ll be given optional supplementary software to refuse, which you may do by hitting the relevant button.

Lastly, the game files will be installed. It takes a little longer here than on other websites, but the games are well worth the time investment. There are no hazardous viruses or adware in the game downloads (scanned by Virustotal ). You won’t be bothered with in-game adverts for a long time. The site has been designed with the user in mind.

GameTop makes it simple to download and play full-version PC games as well as mobile and Mac games. Everything on this site is free and virus-free. There are no in-game adverts, malware, or toolbars anywhere to be found (scanned by Virustotal).

Among the most popular genres include adventure, puzzle-solving games, racing games, shooter games, hidden object games, and arcade games. A good selection of online flash games can also be found in those categories.

With no extra offers and a clean installer,’s installation procedure is the quickest of the sites examined. Ads are how the site gets money, but they aren’t intrusive.

Flash games make up the vast bulk of what you’ll find on our site. They’re free to play online and to download to your PC. Over 200 free casual games may be downloaded, as well as roughly 70 mobile games. There is no advertising within the full version of the game.

Site-wide advertising flows seamlessly. A wide variety of genres are represented in the library, including action, kids’ games, bubble shooters, dress-up, and platformers. Gametop’s installation procedure applies here as well; it’s quick and painless. There is no adware or spyware in the game downloads at all (scanned by Virus Total).

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