Top 5 facts about Human Body

Do you know some of the major facts about Human Body.

human body facts

Human’s eyes are always in same size from birth, but the nose and ears keep growing till death.

human body facts

Yellow teeth are much stronger than white teeth. Scientist have claimed that the natural color of our teeth is Light Yellow color. Whitening the teeth can make your teeth weaker permanently, hence you should avoid it.

human body facts

Drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your Body’s Metabolism by 30%. So next time when you wake up in morning, Drink water.

human body facts

There is a kind of music known as BINAURAL BEAT, it can make you feel high and trigger special dreams.

human eye fact

The only part of Human Body which receive oxygen directly from air is CORNEA of EYE . It have no blood that flows through it and hence no oxygen supplied through the body.

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