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Stock icons and images used by thousands of people across the globe to create beautiful web pages are becoming harder and harder to come by. I have compiled a list of the best sites on the internet for finding royalty-free stock images and icons that you can use in your web projects.

In this post, I will show you the best free stock icon sites that you can use to create stylish and unique web projects. You’ll find all the major sites we recommend listed here, and we’ll explain to you why they are so good. You’ll get access to a huge range of premium stock photos and icons that are completely free to use.

If you are new to designing or don’t have much experience before in this field, do give it a try. It will be beneficial in future to use icons and images. This Top 10 list is based on the reviews that users have given previously.



Icon8 is one of the best and my favourite place for any icons or photos. This website consists of vast great designed icons and many photos. It is very user friendly, and you can use it for free. There is no copyright or attribution required on many of them. Hence, it’s one of the best places for daily use.

The Icon8 consist of excellent icons and images that just suits your topic. You can even edit icons or pictures, and this is something that is not present on another website. This gives you real-time vector editing, unlike the complex and heavy software that runs on a computer and consumes space.

This website is extremely fast, and downloading is very smooth. It also adds Overlays, Recolor and even custom effects and animation to your image. Click here to visit this website.



Over the past few years, users have liked this website. The important thing is that all the suitable icons are free for anyone to use. You can also become an author at Faticon and earn money for premium royalties. But it requires linking back to the original author. If you don’t want this, you can purchase a premium license at a discounted price.

Another immense thing about Flaticon is the special visualizing icons which are truly good in animation and visual appearance. You can use this accordingly for any purpose. Various formats are available to use like BASE64, EPS, SVG, PNG and PSD.



If you are looking for some free attractive and elegant icons, then go for Iconfinder. You can download thousands of free icons with any copyright issues on this website. This website runs on a CC 3.0 license. You can also use this icon for commercial purposes without paying. Some may require attribution.

If you want a premium icon, you can go with just $9 a month and access the best content ever.



Unsplash is the best place to find some unique and beautiful images for your design. With over 180,000 photographers, there is no doubt that you can’t go without demanding the best picture from this.

Unsplash uses 3rd party apps and websites for API connecting services; hence easy to use features are available. It also consists of a wide variety of textures and patterns.



If you want customization in your image or looking for some niche or idea with some photo. Then Canva is the best place for photographs. You can also design your icons on this website free of cost. And also millions of premium pictures for free, with some attribution only.

Canva is very user-friendly and easy to navigate for the best images.



Pexels is the most used website by people for free stock images. It consists of a wide variety of images. Not only images and customization, but you can also get free stock videos.  



Pixabay is the second-best place after Pexels, where the user has the most rated. It is in the top list of free stock images, but the quality compared with the others is not as great. You can find suitable images, which are also suitable for plugins and apps.

Font Awesome

font awesome

Since its release in 2012, the number of users has exceeded more than tens of millions of users. The icons are even used to React and Angular projects; hence, big corporations even use these icons.

You can find your favourite icon on this website, and also you can customize the design, dimension and format for free. With the API handing feature, you can also grab it directly to your website without downloading it.



With good-quality images and decent search functionality, StockSnap is one of the best websites. You can also find some unique ideas on this website with an elegant look. You can check for the size and dimension of images before downloading. It also consists of High-Resolution images.



If you are looking for the best picture with a premium theme and design, then Shutterstock is the best place. You can get the best shot at even $0.25 of an image. Shutterstock is a place with more than 300 million High-Quality images. It also consists of some cheap subscription packages that you can buy. You can also find some regular promotions for free images.

Additional Website

Material Design By Google

material io

No doubt Google has the best and most awesome designed icons, with more than 900+ icons with a wide variety of customization in each category. There is no copyright issue, and no attribution is required so that you can use it freely. Its API is straightforward to integrate into the application or browser.

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