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Telegram is taking WhatsApp’s most Useful Features

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned chat service, has been embroiled in controversy since it announced changes to its privacy policies earlier this year. As many WhatsApp users abandon the programme due to privacy concerns, Telegram, one of the most powerful chat applications available, has witnessed a dramatic spike in downloads.

While Telegram has a wealth of capability, the software appears to be on the verge of receiving a slew of new capabilities. According to TestingCatalog, the new Telegram beta for Android offers several useful features that are likely to make their way to the stable channel in the near future.

telegram uses whatsapp feature

For joining groups, Telegram Beta v7.5 implements QR codes, enabling
users to be welcomed to a party using QR codes. They will be able to scan the code to enter the party or channel until you exchange a QR code with Telegram users.

Expiring Invites

You may now allow invite ties to expire after a specified amount of time or a certain number of occasions after they have been used.

If you have the latest Telegram beta enabled on your devices, by moving over to Community Settings in the app, you will be able to invite members by QR codes and handle invite connections.

In addition, the new beta makes it easy to flag material to Telegram moderators in groups or networks. In addition to spam, harassment, child exploitation, pornography, or’ other’ tweets will also be identified. Another recent addition is the option to monitor several comments at once.

telegram uses whatsapp feature

Two widgets are now introduced by Telegram beta v7.5: a 2×2 edition that displays up to four thumbnails and a bigger 5×2 version with tiny samples of your chats and channels that you choose.

telegram uses whatsapp feature

Although the widgets are automatically filled by default with your most recent chats, when you connect them to your home screen, you can select your own favourite chats.

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