Telegram Brings New Updated Feature like Payment 2.0, Mini Profiles, Voice Chats And More

Telegram has released an important upgrade that will provide the message app with a lot of new functionality. This upgrade contains features including ‘Paid 2.0,’ planned voice chats and mini voice chat accounts, two new web applications, Android UI Update, and images and video viewers enhancements inside the app.

No information on when an update would be updated were given by Telegram. The company has said the update must be downloaded manually to Android devices. The business blog has extensive details about Telegram‘s upgrade. The firm has also stated that it would not automatically have the modified app accessible in the Google Play Shop, citing Google’s statement that it “still has longer than normal inspection periods because of changed work schedules.”

Anyone eager for Telegram‘s new edition of Android should instead browse the latest version of the app manually onto Telegram’s official website. But iOS users can download the app from the App Store. Additionally, anytime you open the side menu or go back to a chat list, the Android app receives new animations.

The implementation of Payments 2.0 is one of the major aspects of this upgrade. This functionality enables users of Telegram to make payments via credit card to merchants. The organisation states that it does not take any fee or store customer information for this programme.

telegram brings new updated feature like payment 2.0, mini profiles, voice chats and more

It also allows customers to add shipping hints, etc., and purchases can be made through any Telegram application — including Web applications. It has developed a demo channel to allow users to preview the feature. There is also a Payments Handbook which lists all the essential payment details.

The Voice Chats 2.0 of Telegram has a new addition, allowing hosts and administrators to talk and have a timer on top of the display. The machines will have to initiate voice chat manually at the end of the countdown. At the end of the timer, listeners can choose to receive a message in conversation. In addition, users can conveniently configure the Mini-Profile through pictures and biological profiles without quitting the voice talk.

As we’ve seen, Telegram launched two new Web applications – WebK and WebZ. New applications have features including Dark Modi, animating stickers, chat directories, purchases, and more, now formally revealed by the enterprise. In addition, the talk app improves the media viewfinder in the app.

Now Telegram allows users to immediately stretch and zoom into media outlets without the need to access them in the media viewfinder. iOS users can also quickly upload or rewind videos by tapping + or – 15 seconds to skip.

On the other hand, Android users can press and hold the same on either side of the phone. Users will also double tap to hop in any direction for 10 seconds.

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