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Telegram Becomes the most downloaded App in January, Highest Install from India

Centered on renewed growth in India, Telegram has become the world’s most downloaded non-gaming app in January 2021, with more than 63
million downloads in the same month of a year, according to the latest data releases by the Sensor Tower technology analytics group.

India was 24 percent, led by Indonesia by 10%, for the highest number of telegram installations. In the previous month December2020 Telegram came to a top spot in total downloads (non-game) at the Google Play Store.

The app also placed fourth in the list of the top 10 most downloaded (non-game) apps on the App Store.

Telegram most downloaded app

After WhatsApp began sending alerts to over 400 million users in India in January to either approve its new policies or have their accounts deleted from February 8, Telegram became more common.

WhatsApp has postponed its revised privacy policy by three months in the face of an immense uproar in the world, saying that none of us will lose our account by February 8 on account of not embracing the modified service terms.

Following the debate, Signal, another app’s popularity in India has also increased. Signal came third in January’s total downloads worldwide, leaving Facebook and WhatsApp behind, according to the new Sensor Tower results. With nearly 62 million installations, TikTok emerged last month as the second most installed non-gaming app worldwide, Sensor Tower said.

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