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Telegram announces its monetization plans as it crosses 500 million active users

As telegram approaches 500 million active users, they are now planning to monetize through their own ad networks. The Company’s co-founder Pavel Durov’s announced Company plans of monetization.

Durov set out a two-fold strategy, beginning next year, to monetize the operation. Introducing premium services for enterprise or power users would be the first aspect of this. Although all current services will continue to be free, certain additional features will be added by the provider, targeted at satisfying the demands of the more challenging customer base.

The second aspect would be the launch of commercials on public media. These networks are like huge open community chats run by a person or a group of individuals which encourage everyone to participate. The visibility of these communities has really grown over the years, with people seeing them as contemporary forums or an alternative to services such as Discord.


Using their own ad network, Telegram can view advertising in these classes, and will also get rid of any advertisements that the group owners would actually manually position by submitting them as posts. Inside the software, the commercials would be embedded and have a clearer interface instead of masquerading as posts.

A big update on the mobile channels has also been announced by the company, adding voice chat support to communities. Voice chats are like an open voice channel, unlike voice calls, where people can go in and out of when they please, where people can continue to speak or only listen to someone.

One will continue to use the rest of the software while the background voice chat is open. On Android, when a voice chat is active and can be reduced to a chat bubble, a floating widget can appear on the phone.

The upgrade also brings other improvements too, such as faster loading stickers that display and outline before they stop loading, Android SD card storage to transfer their Telegram files from internal storage to external storage, new Android app animations, the ability to announce your messages on iOS using Siri, the ability to edit images on Android after you have sent them, and eventually, more animated messages on iOS using Siri.

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