Making a Case For File-based Backups

Just hearing the word “disaster” is enough to strike panic into the hearts of business owners. Managers want to avoid any event that threatens availability and productivity. But not all disasters are created equal. This is why it helps to have a data protection solution that is as varied as the disaster landscape itself. File-based backup can play a pivotal role in that strategy. There are cases where you might need file backup software rather than a full imaging solution.
I was somewhat disheartened to find in my research that backup at the file level gets very little love when stacked against image-based […]

Protect Your Road Warriors From Ransomware With a File Backup

The workforce of today is not always in the office. They are operating from hotel rooms, from airports, they may be on the road. Backing up laptop data is no less important than it was five years ago. And it’s not any less important than backing up desktops or servers. Recent statistics showed that the U.S. is the country with most ransomware incidents. Among cities, Las Vegas is ransomware capital of the world. This is because many business conferences happen in Las Vegas, and hackers know they will find easy targets there. Mobile workers with unprotected laptops, and data not backed […]