Small Business Marketing Without Spending Money on Advertising

Small Business Marketing

The marketing of a small firm is frequently a mystery to the average business owner.

For them, it’s a serious problem because they try to copy what larger corporations are doing without first establishing whether the tactics they’re employing actually work. It’s like the blind guiding the blind at the end of it.

Small-business owners need to focus on delivering consumers who are willing to pay for their goods and services. A lot of agencies and media people will try to sell you on the idea that “creating a brand,” “top-of-mind recognition,” or other words like that are necessary for success.

When a potential customer is familiar with your brand, but has no idea what you can do for them or how you can alleviate their suffering, do you think they will give you a call? As I see it, you’re living an elaborate fantasy. First and foremost, you must cultivate a devoted consumer base. The brand-building process follows..

The 5 Steps to Increasing Sales Without Spending Money on Advertising.

The problem with the mission statement is that your prospects don’t really give a hoot about your mission, how many years you’ve been in business or how many buildings you have. They care about one thing and one thing only – What will you do for them?

Dear Customer,

We got to thinking a few days ago about what has made us so successful and the answer was immediately obvious. It is customers like you. We realized that we have never really expressed our appreciation for your business and want to do something about that.

What we’d like to do is make you an offer that is better-priced and provides you more savings than any offer we’ve made in the past! Why would we make such an offer? The answer is simple. You are worth more to us. You buy more frequently and we want to reward you for it.

For the next fourteen days, we are offering you a discount of X% off all of your purchases. In addition, we have created a few special package offers not available to the general public.

There is one catch. We ask that you be discreet. We are only making this offer to a select group of clients so when you talk to your sales person, quietly mention this letter and mention that you want to take advantage of the preferred client discount.

We hope that this special offer will show how much we appreciate your business. Thank you for your past business, your present business and your future business.

Sincerely, Your name, Business owner

There are numerous books, CD programs and consultants that will teach you how to sell. It doesn’t matter what business you are in. The great thing is that once you learn to sell, you can teach your staff to do so as well and continually improve your results and performance.

Think of it this way, would you rather spend thousands on an ad that may or may not work or would you spend the time and money to learn how to double your closing percentage or double your average sale? Get the skills before you invest a fortune on getting more prospects.

By the way, you are not bothering most of your customers by asking for this information. Some will not want to give it to you. So what? If you ask 10 and 7 give it to you, you’ve collected information on 70% that you wouldn’t otherwise have!

People buy from people they know and trust. They also buy from businesses recommended by those who they know and trust. This is a very simple and very powerful marketing strategy and can easily bring you large numbers of new customers. You will need to set up a tracking system to track the success of your alliance. You will also need to have a database of clients to offer to your JV partner. This is another powerful reason you have for collecting your customer data.

If you use the tactics outlined above, your business will expand at an exponential rate. Marketing is common sense. Those that are most likely to buy from you should be the first group to be targeted. Make them want to buy from you again by providing them with exceptional products and services. Get their friends, family, and coworkers to buy from you by setting up a referral programme.

In marketing counselling, after generating the USP, the first thing we search for is what we term the Low Hanging Fruit, which is your existing and former consumers. We use the tactics outlined above to help you achieve the sales growth you’ve always wanted.

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