How to Search Google Using Your Handwriting?

Do you type faster than you write? You can put your handwriting and typing speed to the test with your next Google Search.

Using your handwriting to search with has existed since a 2012 update to the search engine. Let’s see how you can enable the setting and use it for your everyday searches.

How to Search Google Using Your Handwriting

The idea is to use handwriting recognition on your touch-enabled devices and make search more convenient. Handwrite for web search on mobile phones and tablets allows you to write anywhere on the screen.

There is no special box or interface. Enable it from’s Settings first.

On your phone or tablet, use any browser to visit

  1. Tap Settings (usually, it is located at the foot of the page).
  2. Go to the Handwrite section.
  3. Tap and select Enable to switch on handwriting recognition. Tap Disable to switch it off.
  4. Swipe to the bottom of the page and tap on Save. Refresh the page to see the Handwrite icon on the lower right of the screen.
  5. Use your finger to write your search terms anywhere on the screen.

The handwritten text is converted into text in the search box. Tap the search icon to complete the search. Handwrite also supports predictive text search like any other search method on Google. Also, when you type a character that could be mistaken for another, like 0 (the number) and O (the letter), a list of options might appear at the bottom of the screen.

Handwrite might be prone to errors if your natural flow is awful. Also, a finger instead of a stylus is less than ideal for writing on the screen. But Google says that it is meant to complement rather than replace typing. You can turn to the keyboard anytime with a tap on the search box.

The first step in using handwritten input is to activate Input Tools. To activate Input Tools in Search, Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, Translate, Chrome, and Chrome OS, follow the instructions. Some of the items listed above may not support handwritten input for some languages.

Assume you’re standing on a crowded street corner, riding in a rough cab, conversing with a buddy, or lounging on the couch with your iPad. Handwrite lets you search by just writing letters using your finger on your device’s screen—no keyboard required, and no hunt-and-peck typing required.

Tap the Handwrite icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to activate the writing surface after the capability is enabled. Once you’ve typed a few letters, autocomplete alternatives will display beneath the search field. If one of the alternatives appears to be what you’re looking for, simply press it to begin searching.

When searching on a touch-screen mobile device, it’s frequently inconvenient to type, unlike when searching on a desktop or laptop computer.

How to use Handwriting on Google Search

You’ll see a little script “g” in the lower-right corner if Google Handwrite is enabled. When you press this button, a menu bar with a space bar and backspace key appears at the bottom of the screen. You may now write anywhere on the screen, and Google will convert your letters into text in its search box, providing autocomplete suggestions as you type. If you wish to scroll down the page instead of writing, use the script “g” button to exit handwriting mode.

Handwrite is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later devices, Android 2.3 or later phones, and Android 4.0 or later tablets, according to Google. It may also be used in 27 different languages.

As a consequence, we work hard to provide you with a number of ways to engage with Google, such as expressing your searches, receiving answers before you complete typing, and searching by picture. Handwriting for online searches on mobile phones and tablets is a new method to engage with Google.

For other times, there’s always Google Assistant’s voice recognition.

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