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In the event that you were an early adopter or frequent digital shopper, it’s conceivable that your PS4’s hard drive has reached its maximum storage space, (ps4 2 terabytes). Fortunately, it is an issue with a variety of possible solutions: For example, you may increase the amount of internal storage available (it’s simple, we promise).

However, at this point in the console’s lifetime, it is probable that you have collected far too many saves and far too many games to attempt to move them all across discs at once. Instead, you could look into a solution such as Seagate’s fully approved PlayStation Game Drive, which is available now.

Seagate PlayStation

If your PS4 has been updated to system software version 4.50 or above, plugging in the Game Drive will simply increase the amount of storage space available on your console. You may transfer up to 50 games to it by connecting it to the PS4’s USB connection. It’s a 2 Terabyte hard drive that connects to the console’s USB connector (using the average size of a 40Gb average size of a game).

seagate playstation external hard drive

Design and Features

The first thing you’ll notice about the Game Drive is that you’ll be paying a little extra to Sony for the privilege of using the PlayStation brand. With prices starting at ₹11,998 for 2TB and rising to 18,892 for 4TB, the Game Drive is more expensive than many other storage alternatives on the market.

That is a considerable pricing disparity, especially considering that the only major changes are very minor. Instead of the additional Hamiltons, you get a cool PlayStation logo, instructions that are very focused on the PlayStation 4, and—theoretically—the confidence that comes from knowing you’re using an officially approved product.

Behind what it’s worth, the explanation for this is that the PS4’s standard hard drive is not very fast. According to tests, the Game Drive is much quicker, despite the fact that data must be sent over USB 3.0. When multiplied by hundreds of loading screens, the time saved may add up to a significant amount of time saved each day.

seagate playstation external hard drive

PlayStation Support indicates that “At any one moment, you can only utilise one device for expanded storage. Even if two devices are connected and prepared for extended storage, only one of them may be active as extended storage.” Designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 – the Seagate Game Drive transports your PlayStation games to the next generation.

How to Setup PlayStation Game Drive

Configuring your PS4’s Game Drive is ridiculously simple: you just connect the hard drive into one of the console’s USB ports and then go to settings > devices > USB Storage Devices > click “x” on the Game Drive, followed by “Format as Extended Storage.”

Your hard disc will be formatted as an extension of the hard drive on your PlayStation 4 in a couple of seconds. After all, is said and done, you will have about 1.8 Terabytes of additional storage.

I thought the most efficient method to free up space would be to remove certain games from my computer’s Game Drive that I wasn’t currently playing. However, it turns out that you’re better off simply having your PS4 automatically load new games onto it, and keeping your old discs on system storage since the Game Drive takes an eternity to copy games. It took a whopping 25 minutes to transfer Marvel’s Spider-Man to the computer.

With a total file size of around 50 gigabytes, it was one of the largest games I played on my PS4. During that period, you are unable to do any actions, including exiting the transfer menu. Attempting to dump all of your games—for example, 500 gigabytes worth—will result in you gazing at a loading screen for up to four hours, at the very least. In lieu of that, you’re better off just installing new games to the hard drive, which the PS4 can do for you immediately after formatting the hard drive.

seagate playstation external hard drive

As someone who often switches between my PS4 and a friend’s PS4, I was foolishly optimistic that this would serve as my one-stop gaming solution. Is it possible to have a single gadget, a little bigger than a deck of cards, that has all of my current games? That is a pipe dream. In reality, things aren’t quite that simple—for one, what if I misplaced my hard drive? To add insult to injury, the gadget does not store your saves.

Furthermore, after I finally got the device connected to my friend’s PS4, I discovered that he already owned the game—and the Game Drive presented me with an unsettling warning that amounted to “which of these two titles would you want to delete?” Consider how scared you’d be if this object had all of your favourite games! You’d be re-downloading games for the rest of your life.

Expert Opinions

In the case of the Seagate PlayStation Game Disk hard drive, it offers an excellent answer to a very particular need. If you are running out of space on your hard drive but do not want to erase anything, you might consider purchasing a USB 3.0 hard drive.

While the official PlayStation 4 version is not a terrible choice for those who are wary of technology, there are less expensive alternatives. Despite the fact that I was unable to realize my goal of having a completely portable library, I was pleased with the device’s ease of use and surprising speed increases.


System RequirementsPS4, PS4 Pro System 1, 2
Capacity2 TB / 4 TB
Data Transfer Rate140
Power SourceUSB-Powered
Other FeaturesPlay More: Official PS4 External Hard Drive, Simple: Guided Setup for Your PS4
Cable Length46 cm
Width76 mm
Height113.5 mm
Weight149 g
Warranty3 Years Limited Warranty
PriceRs 11,000 (4 TB at Amazon)
More than 45,000 of these products sold ( in India)

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