S4E360 Masala Maar Ke Fake or Not Flipkart Answers Today

Fake or Not Flipkart Answers Today

S4E360 Masala Maar Ke Fake or Not Flipkart 3 December Season 4 2021. The daily Flipkart Quiz answer is out with 100% correct answers.

Answer them now and win lots of prizes. Check out other Flipkart Quiz answers too on Digital Gyan Flipkart Quiz. All answers are updated fast and daily.

Fake or Not S4E360 Masala Maar Ke 7 December Flipkart Answers

Remember to use Magic Eraser, whenever a wrong answer is given. If one answer is wrong, you won’t win any prize. Be quick to answer every question. The answers are given in sequence order, along with Option Number.

Answer 1: NOT FAKE

Answer 2: NOT FAKE

Answer 3: NOT FAKE

What is Fake or Not S4E360 Masala Maar Ke Quiz in Flipkart?

Fake or Not? is an Indian online series set to premiere in 2020. It is presently presented by stand-up comedian and YouTuber Inder Sahani. The programme is a Flipkart Original and was premiered on 6th July 2020 on the Flipkart App.

Fake or Not is influenced by the United Nations’ ‘Share Verified’ project and attempts to differentiate between credible and fraudulent news sources. Each episode explores a unique topic, with the host addressing the question “Fake or Real?”

s4e360 masala maar ke
Fake or Not S4E360 Masala Maar Ke

Fake or Not was anchored in its first season by Indian actress and comedian Mallika Dua, who also starred as news anchor Mythika Dutt.

How to play Fake or Not S4E360 Masala Maar Ke in Flipkart?

  • Flipkart App could be downloaded via the Google Play Store OR the Apple App Store.
  • Open the Flipkart App and sign in.
  • In the app, go to the “Game Section” and look for the Fake or NotS4E354 Jai Jai Money answers quiz.
  • There will be six questions in all.
  • Respond quickly to each question, since you have a limited amount of time to do so. Examine the answers provided below.

If you provided an incorrect answer in the Flipkart Quiz. Not to worry, you may use Magic Eraser to fix your response instantly.

Today’s Prize in Flipkart Fake or Not S4E360 Masala Maar Ke Flipkart Quiz

Prize in Flipkart Quiz changes daily, sometimes one can even win a Mobile Phone. Other daily prize includes Super coins, Flipkart Gift Vouchers, Earbuds, headphones, daily Shopping Vouchers, Tablets, and many more.

Today’s Prize Include:

1) Oppo Phone

2) Rs100 Flipkart Gift Voucher

3) Supercoins (It can range from 2 to 10, sometimes 100).

4) Discount Vouchers – like Kitchen, electronics on shopping.

What is Flipkart Supercoins?

Flipkart’s customer loyalty programme is called Super coin. Each time a customer makes a purchase on Flipkart, they get rewarded. They become Plus members after earning 200 Super coins. Additionally, after users join the loyalty programme, customers may redeem Supercoins for a variety of rewards.

Customers get reward points or Supercoins for recharges bill payments, and trip reservations in addition to purchases on Flipkart. Additionally, Flipkart rewards users for transactions made via partner applications and websites such as Ola, Urban Clap, Oyo, and Zoomcar. When you make an order with Flipkart and it is successfully delivered, you will receive supercoins based on the value of your order.

How to redeem Supercoins in Flipkart?

SuperCoins may be redeemed for discounts on particular products. The exchange allows you to purchase items for as low as 1 Rupee. The Rs. 1 product store on Flipkart sells bedsheets, kettles, and other household goods. In the meanwhile, examine Flipkart Supermarket’s discounts on items beginning at Rs. 1 Walmart-owned Flipkart has now added a Flipkart Videos feature to its app. The service is offered at no cost to all users. The newly announced service competes with Amazon Prime Video.

Members of Flipkart Plus may spend supercoins for a variety of reasons and get a variety of perks. If you are a Flipkart Plus member, you may use your Supercoins to pay for specific purchases. Additionally, you may purchase discounts, gift vouchers, and redeem unique offers across partner websites.

Additionally, you may use Supercoins to buy airline tickets on the Flipkart App. The following are some of the most significant perks associated with Flipkart Super coins. Utilize Supercoins to make purchases. Purchase coupons and gift certificates. Purchase Exclusive Deals from Flipkart partner websites. Purchase airline tickets using the Flipkart app.

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