Reliance Jio is Funding Mobile Gaming Startup Krikey

Reliance Jio is now stepping into startup gaming. Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio has made a great impact on AI and the Series A funding of mobile gaming company Kirkey.

The total funding now stands at $22mn, raised by the San Francisco-based startup company. A new AR(Augmented Reality) game called Yaatra has launched, which have an action-adventure story.

“Using weapons such as bow and arrow, fire bolts, lightning and chakra and players can battle through different levels of combat and puzzle games”.

Akash Ambani, director of Jio, said, “Krikey will inspire a generation of Indians to embrace Augmented Reality.” Augmented Reality gaming takes the user into a world of its own and invites every Jio and non-Jio user to experience AR through Yaatra.”

Not only this, a user can even use the 3D Avtaar feature and Gameplay tokens to unlock powers and additional weapons in some of the game levels.


It will be a major step made by Jio in terms of the Gaming Industry. Earlier Jio had partnered with Saavan and Haptik, a startup that focus on virtual assistants and conversational platforms. Reliance’s growth has crossed many platforms like Google, Facebook, Qualcomm, and raising around ($20 Bn) or INR 1.52 Lakh Cr in just 3 months only.

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