The reason behind the Global outage for Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services

Google services including Gmail, Drive, and YouTube, have suffered a major outage around 5 PM (IST) on Monday. This outage remains for around 45 minutes and in some regions, it lasted for an hour.

Millions of Google users were unable to access email or YouTube at that moment. The reason behind this outage was an “Internal storage quota issue”. In other words, for a user to get Google service, they experienced a high error rate or no service available at that moment.

After approximately 45 minutes of outage, Google’s spokesperson said, “All services are now restored, ” even apologizing to every user, who was affected by this outage. And promised that this won’t repeat in the future.

During this outage, the Gmail page was showing red for most of the services. Even the YouTube page was not showing a service. According to Google, “System Reliability is most recommended, and for that, they are continuously looking for an improvement.”

YouTube and Gmail together account for over 3.5 Billion Global users and this outage for 45 minutes has startled many users. The impact seems to be different for every region. A total number of 112,000 for YouTube and around 40,000 for Gmail, issues have been recorded on DownDetector website.

Some experts are raising questions about Google’s backed infrastructure. If it’s strong enough to tackle all the user’s request load. In the meanwhile, they are continuously trying to upgrade their system.

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