Quick 5 Advantages of Electronic Security Guard Visitor Management System

So, again the supreme concern is security, isn’t it! Are you still dependent on the pen and paper method for marking the in and out the time of the visitors entering and exiting the premise?

The world is developing too fast, especially in the area of technology. It does not matter absolutely whether you are in the organizational sector or you are at your home. When it comes to security you need to be very conscious about yourself and very particular about selecting the security devices.

It is not about only security but if you are in the organizational sector then it becomes somehow very important to create the first impression. As the general fact is the first impression is the last impression, therefore creating the first impression in front of your clients is important. The electronic visitor management system looks absolutely elegant in premises not only it gives a fascinating impression of the campus but also ensures perfect security.

visitor management system

What about Technology?

Apart from its looks and features, the most important is the technology it is based on. The visitor management system is primarily based on face recognition technology. The face identification system works by capturing the facial details of individuals on the premises. The facial details are then stored inside the database of the computer.

When the person re-visits the premise then the facial identification system again captures the facial details and then it performs a matching process using the matching algorithm between the older and newest captured patterns.

When the visitor management system finds the match, it grants the authentication otherwise it denies the authentication. Depending upon this process security is maintained at premises. With the visitor management system, one can even set the lower priority individuals so that they can be strictly prohibited from a particular area.

5 Advantages of Visitor Management while it is at your Premise

While you are setting a visitor management system at your premise you are indirectly inviting so many advantages towards yourself. Do you have any idea? If not, then you are not late to know about five major advantages. They are as follows:

Easy Installation

Do you know while installing the facial identification system, you do not even need additional hardware and software? It is just the visitor management system and the computer and you are done. It also serves people with less wiring details so that it can be easily managed.

‘Buddy Punching’ is not Possible

The visitor management system is based on face recognition technology. That means it captures the facial patterns for authentication purpose. This system does not allow punching the sensor or so, which helps in getting rid of the buddy punching threat.

Electronic Database Facility

Oh! Now it is easy to protect the data. As the visitor management system maintains the electronic database. This facilitates storing a large number of data safely. Whenever the data is accessed or stored by the system, it directly hits the database of the computer.

Saves Productive Time

While using the facial identification system you do not have to worry about time. The visitor management system is an extreme fastest device. It takes less than 10 seconds to identify the faces. Thus it saves the precious time of the individuals, which can be contributed in the productive work of the organization.

Better Security

The visitor management system is accompanied by an alarm facility. The alarm is set depending upon the priority ranking of individuals. The alarm blows to alert everyone in the arena when a lower priority individual re-visits the premise.

These are five major benefits that you can get in your premise by incorporating visitor management system at your premise. The best possible way to relax is to select the correct security system for premises.

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