Players are demanding for refunds in Cyberpunk 2077 due to bugs in Gameplay

No doubt Cyberpunk 2077 has broken the most awaited game in the year 2020. After its global launch on December 10, the Cyberpunk game is available on almost every platform including Playstation and Xbox. However, there are several bugs in this game.

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Gamers reported that after launching the game, they faced several undermined buggy graphics issues, almost every platform. The Developer CD Projekt Red’s stellar, which also worked in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, was accused of such issues.

Many gamers are looking for fixes and patches, they even posted questions on various forums like Reddit. But nothing seems to work perfectly. Now gamers are demanding for REFUND of this game. Especially PlayStation gamers are issuing the refund for game’s digital copies with this bug claim.

However, regarding the refund for Cyberpunk 2077, they officially tweeted that they are planning to release “two large patches” in January and February, to fix the players issue. They also mention that this update could bring the gameplay experience closer and more friendly to the console than it was before.

Some people posted for the Refund process on Reddit, sharing the details of receiving full refunds, especially PlayStation 4. A two-hour playtime window is set before applying for a refund, and gamers have already played around 10 hours. Therefore, they can easily claim a refund. However, Sony hasn’t planned for such a refund policy for games. But seeing the gamers’ report, they might have to take some action.

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To escalate the issue, gamers took screenshots and posted various annoying comments on Twitter for Cyberpunk bug issues. While some reported very poor graphics quality on consoles. Others reported that NPC in-game could walk through walls and floor, or the player might simply be stuck in the middle of the game.

After getting so many reports, CD Projekt announced to take full responsibility for this issue and they will try to fix it. They will provide full bonuses to their employees for fixing issues and improving the game ratings.

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