Advantages Outweighing Disadvantages

Parents are allowing their children to play on computers and tablets

More and more parents are allowing their children to play on computers and tablets as they think that children should learn technology skills. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?


These days it is common to observe youngsters investing considerable quantities of time on electronic devices such as computer systems and tablets. In my viewpoint, there are more harmful implications of this trend over any perceived benefits.

advantages outweighing disadvantages

The advantage of this advancement is that it will keep children occupied. There is no doubt that taking and raising kids care of them can be stressful sometimes for moms and dads so enabling them to play on a gadget suggests that the moms and dads can have a break and not need to continually captivate them. This might potentially suggest better household relationships.

Youngsters complimentary time can be better used for other activities. Of much more benefit is encouraging children to spend their totally free time connecting with other kids, playing with normal toys, and playing other games outside, which will promote their creative, cognitive, and social skills. In addition to this, there is growing proof that it can likewise have unfavourable health impacts. A research study reported in the media declares that it can perhaps harm the eyes of a child when taking a look at screens for long periods. Studies likewise suggest children using these devices might have more trouble sleeping, something which is crucial for psychological advancement.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of allowing children to use tablets and computer systems exceed the advantages. While it may offer parents more time, it might damage their physical and psychological advancement.

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