Microsoft is going to launch the New Windows 10 Mail App

The tech giant is now reportedly preparing to deal with another shortcoming in its desktop operating system after Microsoft fixed the browser problem by migrating Microsoft Edge to the Chromium engine.

A new Outlook app for Windows 10 will soon be released for Windows 10, and this time, it will be based on Outlook on the Internet. The article comes from WindowsCentral, which claims that a beta edition of the new app could go live for insiders later this year, and then the public rollout will take place in 2022.


For Windows 10 users, Microsoft actually provides two distinct desktop email clients, namely the Mail app that comes pre-loaded with the OS and the Outlook app that is part of the productivity suite of Office.

Mail app in maintenance mode

Microsoft has apparently switched the Mail app to maintenance mode at this stage, however, which means that you should not expect any major upgrades anytime soon.

Although UI updates for the Mail app are still planned later this year, the roster of features will remain largely unchanged, as the emphasis has now been moved to this new Outlook-based mail client on the internet.

The software is codenamed Project Monarch and Microsoft’s aim is to have a seamless experience across all platforms, including operating systems that are both Windows and non-Windows.

The Outlook software will, however, come with new features on Windows 10, including lower resource consumption and extra functionality such as offline storage.

For an email app, this makes sense, particularly because Windows currently lacks a powerful client that can support both clients and organizations in need of an innovative app to be used within business networks.

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