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Anything above marked with a red X will not appear in this SmartArt graphic

If the layout that you use for your SmartArt graphic can contain only a limited number of shapes, and you exceed the maximum number of shapes, the message “Anything above marked with a red X will not appear in this SmartArt graphic and will not be saved” appears at the bottom of the Text pane in your SmartArt graphic.

The information below the red X will return in your SmartArt image if you move to a new layout that is not limited to a maximum number of shapes.

If you save your SmartArt graphic without switching to a different layout and then shut your file, the information highlighted with a red X (including picture fills) is not preserved to safeguard your privacy.

Reasons for the Error

You may receive the message for the following reasons:

You switched from a layout with an unlimited number of shapes to a layout with a fixed number of shapes.

You exceeded the maximum number of shapes for the layout that you chose. You converted to a SmartArt graphic, a Target diagram, or a Venn diagram, that was created by using a previous version of Microsoft Office. Target or Venn diagrams created with a previous version of Microsoft Office do not have a maximum number of shapes. However, the corresponding layouts for SmartArt graphics have a limit of five top-level shapes for Target diagrams and seven top-level shapes for Venn diagrams.

In PowerPoint, you converted a bulleted list to a SmartArt graphic and chose a layout for your SmartArt graphic that cannot display all of the bullets in the converted list.

To ensure that you can view and save your data, you must switch to a layout that displays all of your data.

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