LG soon going to launch webOS 6.0 for Smart TV, with Redesigned Home Screen

For its 2021 OLED, QNED Mini LED, NanoCell, and UHD smart TVs, LG unveiled the latest WebOS 6.0 Smart TV platform at CES 2021. This is a big WebOS platform upgrade and comes with a refreshed home screen, voice control support from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Next Picks suggestion feature, and more.

Here are the new improvements in newer WebOS 6.0 Users familiar with WebOS will instantly note the attractive, revamped home screen updated to suit the demands of the ever-changing content consuming preferences of audiences for improved usability.

lg webos 6.0

The updated home screen offers quicker access to the most commonly used programs and streamlines the exploration of content with the option to obtain feedback based on user expectations and experience. When using voice recognition with multi-AI offerings from LG ThinQ, Amazon

Alexa or Google Assistant, LG’s new Magic Remote provides simplified commands. The Magic Remote provides more user-friendly features that are easy for using, slick, easy to keep and use, including swift links between the TV and other devices and hotkeys to access common streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Using LG’s new AI technologies, TV voice controls, and Magic Remote, audiences can easily use their voice to get the details they need. Furthermore, to find more material appropriate for their tastes, the new Next Picks feature will evaluate the interests of audiences. Next Picks will propose two live shows from broadcast or set-top box offerings and one VOD title using viewing history info.

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