Job satisfaction in developing countries

Finding job satisfaction is considered to be a luxury in many developing countries. Why do you think that is? Do you think job satisfaction is important?
opinion essay sample 26-06-2020

Finding work that is meaningful and engaging is a challenge for all people. It is especially hard for many people who are living in developing countries. Those in the middle and lower classes often accept jobs only based on money, so they end up taking a job just because it pays relatively well, rather than because it is meaningful and satisfying for them.

I believe that job satisfaction is highly important in a person’s life. People spend a significant portion of their time in their jobs. If they are uninterested and bored the majority of the time, they are likely going to be unhappy, even depressed. This causes other adverse effects, such as lower motivation, poorer sleep and worse physical health. Hence, job satisfaction is important for the mental and physical well-being of individuals.

At the next level, it is also important for the productivity of companies. If employees think that their work is meaningful, they are going to be more motivated to do it. When they are more motivated to do their job, they tend to be more productive, even taking on additional work. For this reason, even companies benefit by working on improving employee engagement.

However, many in developing countries are still facing this problem. They must work hard to achieve a good standard of living in which they can satisfy their needs and wants. This is because, in developing countries, even basic human rights such as healthcare and education are highly expensive.

In conclusion, job satisfaction is important to maintain good mental health and be productive. However, many in developing countries are unable to attain this because of the high cost of living.

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