Is Trump shifting tone on Coronavirus outbreak?

With every passing day, the impact of novel Coronavirus is spreading like a wildfire. People from every corner of the world are getting affected by this deadly virus. Governments and administrations around the world are finding it difficult to contain the spread of this virus.

Almost all countries are in virtual lockdown. Airports, shopping malls, theatres, tourist locations, cafeterias, restaurants, offices and public places are deserted. Amidst this crisis, all countries have started declaring it a national emergency. The United States of America is no different, as the number of the affected person in the country is increasing rapidly.  

Distress call!

The President of the United States called on the country to stay together and warned of pain. After declaring this crisis as a national emergency a few days back, Monday’s press conference had a different tone. Authorities have been trying down to play down the risks posed by this deadly virus, but now situation is going beyond control.

The more urgent tone from the United State’s President says it all. Trump delivered a gloomy message to Americans over this new reality, which will dramatically change the lives of many in the coming day’s time.  Trump’s sombre tone was visible as he addressed the nation from the White House. The President made a direct appeal to come forward and play a role in halting the spread of this pandemic.

Deeper thought!

The shift in tone from Trump is seen as a growing realizing that the present pandemic crisis can lead to an existential threat to the presidency. An insider news claim that the US President now believes that pandemic will be a serious general election issue. Already Democratic debates are discussing the spread of the pandemic in the country and governments inability in taking necessary precaution.

With reports from Italy and Iran growing grimmer every day, US Coronavirus cases are surging fast. Amidst all this America’s economy is also in shock, Trump is receiving some alarming reports about how the citizens will be infected because of this pandemic if any drastic action isn’t taken now. The President is also watching the dramatic escalation of different precautionary measures within the White House complex, where almost everyone is screened.

Trump also unknowingly interacted with three people who have tested positive for the virus, later however he was found safe from the virus. Both acting chief of staff and press secretary to Trump are in complete isolation after they came in direct contact with COVID-19 infected.

And hence the president addressed the nation and urged Americans to stay safe. Older Americans with chronic health problems are requested to stay home. In general, all citizens were advised to avoid social gatherings of more than ten people. Trump also deferred health professionals to stage with him and offer specifics about the precautionary measures. The President also acknowledged quietly that the economy is moving towards recession and it will impact the lives of every individual in the country. As of now the impact of this pandemic will be felt till July or August. Terrible and desperate times for everyone!

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