Is Coronavirus a lab prepared Bio weapon?

Conspiracy theories are always the most exciting, especially when two groups have almost the same theory about each other. Isn’t it?

Conspiracy Theory Around COVID-19

At a time when the whole world is suffering from the recent pandemic, the United States and China are in a blame game. Many experts and politicians from both countries have suggested that Coronavirus which is causing havoc around the world is actually a bioweapon. A coronavirus is a weapon that was manufactured in a lab. But the only thing which is not clear is who and where it was manufactured.

At one corner of the globe, some are openly claiming China is behind this deadly virus. There are several open tweets and claims from dignitaries about this claim. Wuhan has the most popular microbiological research lab and, coincidentally the same city from which the Coronavirus outbreak happened.


Many experts and politicians around the world are finding it quite suspicious. Having a biosafety level, four laboratories in Wuhan is considered to be the main source of the virus outbreak. The lab is believed to have housed some different types of viruses. On the other hand, China is openly claiming that the US army brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Officials say they are confident and even went on to the extent of seeking an explanation from the US administration.

At a time when the whole world is seeing hopelessness because of this pandemic, the US and China are seen blaming each other. Every day infected people because of this virus are increasing rapidly, across geographical locations.

BSL-4 laboratory maintains the highest level of security because they work on some of the dangerous and life-threatening agents. It is in these labs that Lassa fever, Ebola and Marburg viruses are studied. A designated BSL-4 lab has all the necessary measures taken such as proper ventilation, high security, reinforced walls and proper construction to keep all these dangerous agents within.

BSL-4 facilities are spread in many places worldwide, apart from Wuhan, China. In the US there are at least six BSL-4 facilities, many more are in the pipeline. All these labs across the globe study a wide range of dangerous pathogens, but having bad pathogens doesn’t mean it would get released. But you never know? Conspiracy theories are always full of suspense. There is no end to these theories. But it’s the common individual or citizen across the globe who is suffering now. If this conspiracy theory holds true, be it the US or China, humans are at risk now.

Is politics above human lives? Have these politicians lost basic ethics just for the sake of power and dominance? Who knows? Now it’s definitely not the time to blame each other but to act. In this desperate time, it is important for all to focus on the measures to control this pandemic together. The way this pandemic is affecting people, till now no vaccines available and global economy tumbling, coming days seem to be gloomy! We are nearing a global recession again!

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