iOS 11 means you never have to remember app passwords again

By extending its password-management tool beyond the Safari browser, Apple hopes to alleviate one of the most frustrating aspects of the upcoming iOS 11 release.

Technically, password autofill for third-party applications has been available for a couple of years now; however, developers have been required to enable the option, and a relatively small number of apps have actually done so.

With iOS 11, however, Apple will make the capability available for use across all apps by adding an additional key to the keyboard that will be activated whenever the operating system finds a login screen.

Sign in with a tap

After installing iOS 11, when you need to sign in to an app that has its login credentials saved in Apple’s password manager, your iOS device will suggest login info. To sign in, tap on the saved information and you’re done. If you have multiple accounts, you can tap on the key icon to view more account details.

Manage credentials

To add, edit or delete login info using the expanded password manager, open Settings > Accounts & Passwords > App & Website Passwords. If you’ve previously let Safari save any login details for websites you frequent, you’ll see that information here. Tap Edit to select multiple login items to delete, or swipe to the left on single items to delete individual listings.

Select a saved login to view the website, username and password.

To add a new account, you’ll need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list and tap Add Password. There you can enter the website, username and password. Right now, it doesn’t appear that the app will suggest complex passwords for you, so be sure to come up with something on your own.

A complex password or random characters is ideal, and since iOS 11 will fill it in for you in future, don’t worry about making it easy to remember. Let iOS 11 do the work.

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