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Intel is going to launch “RealSense ID” which is an alternative to FaceID

Intel today unveiled a new approach called RealSense ID, which is a facial recognition technology that blends depth sensors with artificial intelligence. If it looks like what Face ID does in the definition, that’s because it is.

RealSense ID is based, just like Face ID, on two camera lenses and special sensors that can capture depth. It can recognise and differentiate the face of a human, paired with a sophisticated neural network, which plays an important role for smart devices as an authentication tool.

Intel Real Sense ID

The configuration process is easy, according to Intel, and it also relies on a security chip that stores and encrypts user information, much as the Protected Enclave does on the iPhone and iPad.

The company claims that with smart locks, access management, point-of-sale systems, ATMs, kiosks, and many other products, RealSense ID can be implemented. Intel has developed its technology with an anti-spoofing scheme that deals with photos, videos, or masks against attempts to unlock the computer.

The chance of anyone tricking the facial recognition system of Intel is one in a million, the same amount Apple claims about the precision of the Face ID. We haven’t seen many rivals using a similar technology in their devices since Face ID was launched with the iPhone X in 2017, possibly because Face ID sensors are costly and need significant internal space available.

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