Importance of the Principle of Equivalence of Hardware and Software

The principle of equivalence of hardware and software states that “Any task done by software can also be done using hardware, and any operation performed directly by hardware can be done using software assuming speed is not a concern.”

It says that the hardware and software are almost equivalent. Anything done by software can also be implemented by using hardware and anything has done via hardware can also be simulated or done through the software.

The importance of the Principle of Equivalence of Hardware and Software are as follows:

  1. It helps in system designing and implementation, especially computers. Computers generally comprise of two elements i.e, software and hardware where hardware considered as body and software as the soul. So, the principle gives the proper guidance in the implementation of designing and development of the system, especially computers.
  2. It helps to minimize a lot of factors such as cost, size, processing and functionality to mix and match up the hardware and software to devise a yielding device.
  3. It helps to keep a perfect combination of hardware and software so that the resulting computer or device can function at its best performance including reasonable cost and size.
  4. It gives designing a flexible way to combine the hardware and software keeping the fruitful aspects of both without altering cost, size, performance and option of change where technology is changing rapidly. Sometimes hefty and troublesome codes that can cause delay can be replaced with hardware and hardware portion that are quite huge and impacting the system performance can be interchanged vice-versa.
  5. The principle also explains the evolution of software were why to invest so much in the software when everything can be done using hardware. Well, the simple answer is that hardware is more costly and tedious to replace where it can be simply achieved by the means of software.
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