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Some people consider computers to be more of a hindrance than a help. Others believe that they have greatly increased human potential. How could computers be considered a hindrance?

Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answers.


Many people have argued that computers are barriers rather than helps to human-being, while other sections of individuals consider that computers assist man-kind. This essay will elaborate on how computers have caused obstacles for humans.

The first concern with the use of computers is health. Extensive use of computers has resulted in reduced physical activity and has affected the eyes of users of computers. Reduced physical activity has caused the problem of fat and obesity. It is emerging as a significant health problem on a global scale.
Furthermore, too much reliance on computers for every small matter has also worsened human memory. People cannot remember even the most important dates and phone numbers. Without computers, they are out of information.

Another negative impact of computers has been on the social aspect. We are under the illusion that using social media platforms is strengthening friendships and relationships among people. It looks easier to call or contact anyone using computers than traditional sources of communication. It has drifted us apart. We got no time to meet our friends and relatives. Hence, computers failed to ensure the optimisation of time available for us.

In conclusion, computers have proved to hinder good health and better socialisation. In the wake of these adverse impacts of computers, people need to limit their usage for most essential activities and realise that there is another world outside computers.

Solution – Version 2

Most individuals view computers as more of a hindrance than a benefit. Many believe that PC has substantially enhanced human capability. This essay explores how computers may be perceived as a detriment.

First and foremost, First, people develop an excessive reliance on technology. In the past, students were required to go to the library to compose articles, search and look for books, and to conduct research before exams. Today’s students seek information quickly on the Internet and pay insufficient attention to the source of the information they get. As long as the information appears to be relevant, it will be copied and assigned to its respective duties. The greatest difficulty will likely be unique to teachers; when developing tasks for students, some teachers will have to choose between inventing their own themes and taking topics from the Internet so that students can readily locate the answers to their questions.

Second, Computers can affect people’s health; we all know that constant use of electrical gadgets will bring some harm such as autism, depression, myopia, or even worse, it will change Human thoughts about a problem, for example, Continual computer gaming can cause someone to value events within the game more emotionally than things that happen in real life, they’ll see everything in a particular way, and sometimes they’ll have illusions and misleading thinking about it, and sometimes they’ll have mood swings and misleading thinking about it

In conclusion, computers will be regarded from different viewpoints as hurdles rather than aids, but this relies on how people use them. Most importantly, they must limit computer abuse and dependency and realise that there is a world outside computers.

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