How to Stop Your Shop Window Display Fading With UV Window Film

UV window film could be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you own a shop I’m sure you have the constant headache of your window display fading. Shop windows are usually large pieces of glass ideal to allow people to see your range of stock and hopefully entice them in.

The problem with this is that this also lets the suns harmful UV rays which cause your display to fade. This can prove costly to constantly change the display for un-faded stock, let’s face it your stock is better served being sold to customers rather than being binned because it’s faded.

Now there is a solution, UV film is completely clear to the eye but can stop 99.5% of these harmful UV rays. This can help to reduce fading by as much as 39%. In other words your stock could fade up to three times slower than with the glass untreated.

Standard UV films are 50 microns thick, there’s also a thicker clear UV window film, this is twice the thickness at 100 microns and has the added benefit of making the glass more difficult to smash, giving added security to your store and safety for your customers. This thicker version is tested to BS6206 Class B (BS EN12600 Class 2).

If you want to reduce fading even further ten there is a deluxe UV window film, this has a very slight tint which most store owners find does not impair the customers vision in any way and does not spoil the window display.

Fading is caused by:

If we fit any of the clear UV films we can reduce the UV which will help with fading considerably. If, however, we fit a deluxe UV film with a slight tint, this will also reduce the suns heat and glare further helping to reduce the effects of fading.

As a store owner you no longer need to put up with your stock fading quickly, you can fit a clear or a deluxe UV film and drastically reduce the cost to your business and time taken by you having to change your window display due to fading.

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